American dream timeline

By paulim2
  • Mom and dad came to America

    There American dream was to graduate from college and make sure that the next generation would also graduate and have a better life.
  • Period: to

    American dream

  • Dad graduates from college

    Dad graduated from roosevelt university.
  • Mom and dad start travel buisness

    My parents opened their own buisness which was also part of their American dream.
  • I was born

  • Paul enters highschool

    I enter highschool as a Freshman
  • Period: to

    American dream

  • Period: to

    American dream

  • Admission

    i start to ask colleges or go to a community college when i graduate from highschool and transfer.
  • I enter college

    I i hope to go to the college of my choice to better my education and get a degree.
  • Graduate from college

    I hope to graduate from that college with a degree and find a job.