Alexander's life

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  • 356 BCE


    Alexander's day of birth is unknown, but he is probably born in July. He was born in Macedonia, in a town named Pella.
  • 344 BCE


    At the age of 12, Alexander receives a gift from his father. A beautiful horse that nobody could tame except Alexander. The horse was loyal to him and Alexandar rarely went anywhere without it.
  • Period: 343 BCE to 338 BCE

    Education and childhood

    From age 13 to 16 Alexander is tutored by one of the greatest intellectual figures of Western history, Aristotle. At this time, Alexander shows his interest in military.
  • 336 BCE

    King Pilip's death

    Alexander's father, king Philip was assassinated by his bodyguard. Alexander becomes king of Macedonia.
  • 335 BCE

    First major victory

    Alexander and his army destroyed a rebelling Greek city named Theba.
  • Period: 334 BCE to 333 BCE

    Battles against Persia

    Crossing the Dardanelles into Persia, Alexander defeats King Darius III at the Granicus River and in Issus, conquering western Persia. King Darius runs away.
  • 333 BCE

    The Gordian Knot

    Alexander undid the Gordian Knot. This is the fabled knot tied by the father of the legendary King Midas. The legend said that the person who untied the Gordian Knot would rule all of Asia.
  • 332 BCE


    Alexander conquers Tyre and Egypt, where he founds the city of Alexandria.
  • Period: 331 BCE to 329 BCE

    Death of Darius III

    Alexander defeats Darius at Gaugamela and, after Darius’s death, declares himself King of Asia. Darius was killed by his own army.
  • 327 BCE


    Alexander marries a girl named Roxanne and starts his journey towards India.
  • 326 BCE

    Battle of the Hydaspes

    Alexander crosses the Indus, fights and wins an epic battle against King Porus in India. A disastrous march through the Gedrosia desert causes great suffering and many deaths, including his horse Bucephalus.
  • 323 BCE

    Alexander's death

    After a short illness Alexander dies in Babylon. He has not named a successor, and his empire rapidly splits into warring factions. Eventually, several of his former generals establish their own kingdoms.