Age of Napoleon

  • Italian Campaign

    Italian Campaign
    When Napoleon defeated the opponents, he demanded gold and silver, and it was Napoleons first major victory. Napoleon concurred much of northern Italy for France. (Green)
  • Egyptian Campaign

    Egyptian Campaign
    Ended up being a disaster for Napoleon and his troops, and it was very early in his military career. However when Napoleon returned to France, he made the people think it was a success and he avoided the truth of his failure. (Yellow)
  • Consulate

    Napoleon set up a three man governing board in order to overthrow the weak directory. A new constitution was ultimately developed. (Green)
  • Banque de France

    Banque de France
    Meaning bank of France, Napoleon created it to try to rehabilitate the funding in France after the revolutionary period. It was overall for an economic recovery. (Green)
  • Concordat of 1801

    Concordat of 1801
    The concordat made peace with the catholic church. Catholicism became the main religion of the French people, and there was papal acceptance of the land. (Green)
  • Consul for life

    Consul for life
    Napoleon declared himself consul for life in 1802. Meaning he was bound to be emperor for life, and his son would be his successor after his death.
  • Napoleonic Code

    Napoleonic Code
    The Napoleonic code embodied many enlightenment ideas such as equality over state, and religious toleration. However many of women's rights from the revolution were lost. (Yellow)
  • Declared Self Emperor

    Declared Self Emperor
    Napoleon declared himself emperor, and had his coronation ceremony in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. He crowned himself, despite Pope Pius being in the ceremony. (Green)
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Battle of Trafalgar
    The French were prepared to invade England off the coast of Spain. The British admiral ultimately destroyed to French fleet, as the French navy was weak. (Red)
  • Abolished the Holy Roman Empire

    Abolished the Holy Roman Empire
    As Napoleon began to have a diplomatic rule over almost all of Europe, he was able to abolish the Holy Roman Empire through his religious reforms. He also created a 38 member Confederation of the Rhine under French protection. (Green)
  • Continental System

    Continental System
    Banned trade with Britain and France or any French allies. The ultimate goal was to hurt the British economy. However this could've hurt France by the way of them not being able to get the goods they'd need from Britain.(Yellow)
  • Resistance in Spain

    Resistance in Spain
    Napoleon went to Spain with hopes to undo reforms, and influence from the Catholic church. Many French troops were captured though, and were stuck in Spain when Napoleon needed them. (Red)
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    Napoleon entered Russia in the summer of 1812, but was there until the winter meaning there were many freezing soldiers. Also as Russians retreated they burned crops and villages, they left the French starving and freezing through the winter. (Red)
  • Battle of Nations at Leipzig

    Battle of Nations at Leipzig
    Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden took victory over Napoleon and the French allies during the battle of nations. It also destroyed the French power in Germany and Poland. (Red)
  • Hundred Days

    Hundred Days
    The hundred days began with Napoleons march to Paris in triumph, and marked his glorious return after abdication. However, it was ultimate ended with his final defeat in Waterloo. (Yellow)
  • Waterloo

    A day long battel resulted in British forces crushing the French at Waterloo in Belgium. Napoleon was ultimately forced to abdicate after this, as it was his final huge loss. (Red)
  • Abdication

    Napoleons first abdication was in 1815 when he stepped down from power. He stayed in Elba for a period of time, far away from all of the French people. (Red)