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Adolfo dante Jr immigrant

  • Leaving for america

    Leaving for america
    My name is Adolfo Dante Jr; I live in Ireland right beside "Mikes rock park". I love it here in Italy but since my father’s snitzel shop was shut down because of the invention of the automatic snitzel maker which can make a snitzel every 30 seconds when my father can only make a snitzel every 2 minutes, I am being forced to leave Italy for America. Although I love Italy I am very excited to move to America were the roads are paved with snitzel. I have packed all that I can carry in two arms.
  • Period: to

    Immigration to America

  • immigrant boat

    immigrant boat
    I am on a boat heading to America, it is very crowded and I am getting very sea sick. I am puking more than I ever have and I am very dizzy. I see people aged from infants to senior citizens all seeking what I am, a better life. I see people all along the boat puking just as I am. I would kill to be back in my father’s snitzel shop right now, but I must keep pushing forward if I want to make it to America, alive. There’s a captain telling us to get to are sleeping quarters,
  • In America!

    In America!
    I have arrived in America or at least I think so People are saying that we are at a place called angel island. It is extremely packed with people and I am extremely chlosterphobic, I don’t want to get off the boat. I finaly worked up enough courage to get of the boat it was so packed with people that you couldn’t lift your arms up from your sides. I finaly saw a line, I went to the line and relized it was the line for becoming a citizen I hope I pass!
  • getting started

    getting started
    I am now a citizen of America. Now it is time to find a home and a job and maybe a wife, actually just a home and a job. I started out by asking a barbour for a job, What I did not know is you need to make peoples hair look nice not just cut it, after my first time cutting a person’s hair I was fired. I applied for many jobs but they all turned me down. I finally heard about a job called a rough neck and I figured my neck was as tough as any other person so I applied and got the job.
  • working

    Maybe I did not mention this but I am terrified of heights and as it turns out being a rough neck means walking across small beams hundreds of feet of the ground. I hate my job so much; my boss is such a jerk and makes racist comments about me all the time. On day I was sitting eating lunch and my boss walks over and said I’m going to have to dock your pay a dollar every week; this made me mad so I pushed him off the building. I should really get out of America.
  • leaving America

    leaving America
    Me and Heinz have decided that we are moving out of America, we have decided this because of my lack of money; my house is a dumpster and other reasons. I will be moving to Mexico were I will work on my Uncle Pedro’s alpaca farm. I will be leaving this very day because I cannot stand this Country.