About The Incas

  • Apr 29, 1200

    The Inca empire conquered Bolivia

    The Inca empire coquered Bolivia and remained in control until the spaniareds arrived.
  • Period: Apr 11, 1350 to

    Major Events In Inca History

  • Apr 29, 1438

    Incas build Machu Pichu

    Incas build Machu Pichu
  • Jul 11, 1438

    Pachauti began to expand Inca territory.

    Expansion of the Inca empire begins under Pachacuti and starts building Machu Picchu
  • Apr 29, 1463

    Inca territory is expanded

    Tupac Yupanqui extends empire from Ecuador to the Maule River in Chile.
  • Apr 29, 1493

    Inca territory is expanded from Colobia to Chile.

    Huayna Capac extends empire from Columbia to the tip of Chile
  • Apr 29, 1523

    A ruler dies and divides his empire between his two sons.

    Huayna Capac dies and divides his empire between his two sons,
    Atahuallpa and Huascar
  • Apr 11, 1526

    A civil war began.

    The civil war began after the death of a ruler. Two of the rulers sons faught for the throne.
  • Apr 29, 1532

    The war ended.

    Although the war was over,it still weakened the Inca empire.
  • Apr 29, 1535

    Inca capital is moved from Cuzco to Lima

    Pizarro moves the Inca capital from Cuzco to Lima