• When I turned One Day Old!

    When I turned One Day Old!
    November 24, 1996 was the day I was born. I was 21 inches and 6 pounds.
  • Moved Cities

    Moved Cities
    When I was 2 years old My family moved from Fresno California to San Diego, Calafornia
  • Our First Motel in San Diego!

    Our First Motel in San Diego!
    In the summer of 1999 my family bought our first motel in San diego, It was called the Pacific Inn and Suites located in Downtown.
  • My first house!

    My first house!
    My family and I moved from Downtown to our first house in Point Loma!
  • First day of 1st Grade!

    First day of 1st Grade!
    This was My first day of school in 1st grade.
  • Walk for Diabetes!

    Walk for Diabetes!
    I do a run every year to help raise money for diabetes research
  • First cheerleading competiton.

    First cheerleading competiton.
    I cheered for the tritons football team. We competed in competitions and that year we made it to Las Vegas where we had to compete at circus circus. We ended up winning 1st place.
  • My first concert!

    My first concert!
    The cheetah girls :) They were my favorite group. When I was in 2nd grade
  • My First Birthday party!

    My First Birthday party!
    When I was in second grade I had my first birthday party ever.
  • Summer in India!

    Summer in India!
    My brother Sister and I went to live in India for 3 months. We met some really nice people, took some classes in classical dancing and instrument playing, and
  • My own bedroom!

    My own bedroom!
    My sister complained to my parents saying that she wanted her own room and they finnaly agreed so I had to move out and went next door into one of our guest rooms.
  • Optimistic Award

    Optimistic Award
    I won an award for being optimistic all the time and I got a $150 savings bond!
  • Mr Benjamins

    Mr Benjamins
    In 6th grade my parents made me go to mr. benjamins where we learned about dancing
  • Voluntering at Rady's children hospitol

    Voluntering at Rady's children hospitol
    I help the autistic children.
  • No more meat!

    No more meat!
    I thought I would do something for my moms parents for always being there for me.
  • First horse race

    First horse race
    My friend took me to my first horse race at del mar horse track!
  • Cancun, mexico

    Cancun, mexico
    First time ever going to mexico
  • Going back to india

    Going back to india
    I get to see all my friends!!!