A Timeline of the Moments Detrimental to the Gay Rights Movement that were Religiously Based

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    The National Association of Evangelicals Declares Homosexuality Sinful

    Sometime in March 1985 the National Association of Evangelicals published a resolution on the issue of homosexuality, stating that it was completely sinful.
  • United Methodist Church Cancels Same-Sex Wedding

    The United Methodist Church had set a date for two women to be married when Bishop Joseph H. Yeakel cancelled the event, drawing from biblical texts that oppose homosexuality.
  • Vatican Encourages Limits on Gay Rights

    The encouragement by the Vatican for limits on legislation supporting gay rights was a new kind of attack on the Gay Rights Movement. Before this, the Vatican had strongly opposed homosexuality, but it had never made a statement concerning legislative or legal issues in the United States.
  • The Roman Catholic Church Issues Catechism

    The Roman Catholic Church issued a catechism in 1992 outlining the Church's view that homosexuality is inherently sinful and all Catholic churches must view it the same way.
  • The Vatican Continues to Denounce Gay Marriage

    The Vatican encouraged voters in 1996 to vote only for politicians against gay marriage. It began to more seriously organize opposition against same-sex marriage around this time.
  • Archbishop John O'Connor issues Homily

    As a representative of the Catholic Church, Cardinal O'Connor spoke in front of the City Council of New York to dissuade them from passing a bill granting more rights to spouses in domestic partnerships. He was asked to come by the City of New York.
  • Methodists Rule Against Same-Sex Unions

    In 1998 the United Methodist Church ruled that ministers who performed same-sex unions could be tried in religious court for doing so, as same-sex unions violate the law of the Church.
  • Priest Fired at Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church

    Despite the liberal stances of this particular Catholic church, the Reverend James B. Callan was fired for refusing to stop preaching in favor of gay rights.
  • Methodist Pastor is Put on Trial

    After conducting a same-sex marriage the Reverend Greg Dell was put on trial by the United Methodist Church for defying Church law.
  • 68 Ministers Charged with Defying Church Law

    After same-sex marriages were conducted, the United Methodist Church met and agreed to charge 68 ministers involved in the ceremonies with defying Church law.
  • Pastor Exiled for Conducting Same-Sex Marriage

    United Methodist Pastor Jimmy Creech was convicted of violating Church law by conducting a same-sex marriage, and was later banished from preaching in the United Methodist Church.
  • Episcopalians Affirm that Homosexuality is a Sin

    Although the Episcopalian Church decided to continue preaching to gay members of the congregation, they announced their opposition to gay marriage and homosexuality in general in July of 2000.
  • The Vatican issues Guidelines for Roman Catholic Politicians

    The Vatican issued a set of guidelines for Roman Catholic politicians that expressly forbade the support of gay marriage or gay rights in 2003.
  • The Southern Baptist Convention Opposes Gay Marriage

    The Southern Baptist Convention strongly opposed same-sex marriage in a statement that called all Southern Baptists to stand against same-sex unions.
  • The Vatican Begins a Campaign Against Same-Sex Marriage

    In a lengthy document published by the Vatican, Pope John Paul II reiterated the Church's stance against gay marriage and homosexuality in general and launched a campaign stemming from this to root out homosexuality in society. Although the Vatican is located in Vatican City and not in America, its campaign is relevant to the movement in America because of the presence of the Catholic Church.
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    The National Association of Evangelicals Restates its Resolution

    Because of the growth of the Gay Rights Movement, the National Association of Evangelicals decided to essentially repeat its 1985 resolution that homosexuality is a sin to rally support for the religious argument against homosexuality.
  • American Baptist Churches USA Continues to Deem Homosexuality a Sin

    On this date the American Baptist Churches USA reiterated its belief that "homosexuality is incompatible with Biblican teaching."
  • Marriage on Fire is Published

    Conservative Christian Dr. James Dobson published his book Marriage on Fire, which addresses a "homosexual agenda" that he believes seeks to create "universal acceptance of the gay lifestyle, discrediting of scriptures that condemn homosexuality, muzzling of the clergy and Christian media. . . . overturning laws prohibiting pedophilia, indoctrinating children and future generations through public education, and securing all the legal benefits of marriage for any two or more people."
  • United Methodist Church Comes Out Against Gay Marriage

    Although some United Methodist clergy had performed same-sex marriages previously, in 2009 the United Methodist Church officially resolved that no United Methodist clergy could officiate a same-sex wedding.