A long walk to water

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  • chapter 1

    chapter 1
    So in chapter 1 Salva's school is attacked and he is told to go into the bush. It turns out there is actually a war going on in south Sudan. Salva wants to go home but he cant and is forced into going into the bush. Quote-"I need to go home! I must go home." (pg.7)
  • chapter 2

    chapter 2
    In chapter 2 we learned that there were rebels with guns and Salva is put with the men and the rebels realize that Salva is a child so he is put with the children. So they had left the woman and children they go to a barn then they rest Salva has a hard time sleeping but eventually he sleeps and when he wakes up no ones there everyone is gone Quote-"They had left him. He was alone." (pg.13)
  • chapter 3

    chapter 3
    So in chapter 3 Salva realizes that they left him. Then he sees a woman and he speaks to the woman and she gives him water and peanuts. But then she says she is running low on water so salva can not stay with him and salva is sad now it is the last night. He over hears people talking and figures out they are dinka. Quote-"These people were dinka!" pg.19
  • chapter 4

    chapter 4
    salva talks to the people and he asks them if he can join them. They talk a lot and they say yes. The woman gives him peanuts and water. They walk and walk and walk and keep going some are feeling tired Salva is really tired they kept walking they found more people then after words they heard a buzzing sound it was a bee and a bee hive
  • chapter 5

    chapter 5
    they smoked the bee hive and a lot of bees came out and stung them but they went on then they had finished. they were singed hurt Salva's eye was stung but it was worth it as that night he had his tummy full of honey and beeswax. Salva walks around and steps on someone's foot. he meets Mariel he is the same height as Salva and same age. It is good to have a friend. they are now in the land of the lions.
  • chapter 6

    chapter 6
    Salva realizes that his uncle is there and his uncle promises to protect him. It turns out he has a gun he says once they find something worth eating they will eat it. So they find an antelope and they kill it Salva wants to eat it. when it is finished he eats it too fast then for the next few nights he is vomiting. they cant find a water hole so they decide to rest while resting Mariel is gone/dead. Quote "I will Protect you Salva" pg.43
  • chapter 7

    chapter 7
    Salva is now scared he is staying very close to Uncle. Uncle is reassuring Salva. Salva realizes how an lion could have killed Mariel in a second. the land was more greener than uncle told him they were crossing the Nile river. The group gathers reeds and together they make boats. Now they were floating on the Nile
  • chapter 8

    chapter 8
    The lake is calm. Rowing for hours they finally reach an island. It was an fishermen island there were all types of food. They gave his uncle food because he was the leader and the uncle shared with Salva. It reminded him of memories. But as they tried to sleep mosquitoes bit them none got rest and salva was bitten a lot. They need to pass a dessert so they soaked there clothing with water.
  • chapter 9

    chapter 9
    they are in the desert Salva's shoes are gone they are broken. It was very hot. He was losing pace with the group but then like magic he appeared called his full name and told him to walk to a specific place. Salva kept going he never stopped. For Salva everything felt wobbly. He saw some people a woman gave them water. Someone told her to stop but she did not.
  • chapter 10

    chapter 10
    Salva wanted to give water but he was running low so his uncle stopped him and told him he would not survive without water. Salva looked away and realized the vultures would eat the bodies They kept walking then Salva asks about his family he says they might not have survived but he will have to see. Uncle tells Salva he wont be with him. Salva is sad. they find a stork they get ready to cook it. Then men came they asked if they were rebels than tied uncle to post he hears 3 shots. uncle was tie
  • chapter 11

    chapter 11
    they buried uncle but it was not time to grieve. Salva keeps going he keeps walking Uncle and Mariel's death motivated him to keep going. The groups attitude changed now he was just a boy. they did not share food. He had to beg but this only made him stronger. He walks and walks and gets to the refugee camps. So many people were tired.he say an woman with an orange head scarf his mom he cant lose track of her
  • chapter 12

    chapter 12
    he realizes it is not his mother than he figures out what uncle meant. His family was gone forever. If someone told Salva he would live in the camp for 7 more years he would not have believed it. 6 years later. It has been 6 years and Salva hears that they were going to close the camp he is going to school when solders came they are forcing them out of Ethiopia. They were being pushed into the river. There are a lot of crocodiles
  • chapter 13

    chapter 13
    He had to jump he jumped into the river rain was pouring. Something was holding on a boy his grip loosened as Salva realized the boy saved his life. He was chocking and sobbing for air he was on land. Now he had to walk but to where to kenya. People were following him they walked. They all had bad stories these stories motivated Salva. They reminded him of his family
  • chapter 14

    chapter 14
    Salva is now 22 years old. He is at Kakuma a dry windy desert. Wires enclosed the camp from getting out like a prison. Some times fight would happen and someone would die or be hurt. After 2 years of misery they leave and walk to ifo. There was no difference between Kakuma. He wanted to work But there was none. Michael is an aid worker. He gave Salva a scrap that says ABC Michael taught him volleyball. People were being chosen for America every week names came than 1 day salva's name apeared
  • chapter 15

    chapter 15
    they rode in a truck from camp to the processing center in Nairobi. Salva was given more clothes and he was told that he would get even more when they got there. He wondered why it was so hot. Then he went on the plane. He was asked if he wanted cola he said sure. When he tried it it reminded him of the time he had cola. He was told that his family was at the airport lobby he said hello and thank you 5 times. They gave him more clothes. he felt like he left his life in south Sudan
  • Chapter 16

    Chapter 16
    Salva was getting better at English thanks to his parents. His parents paid for his education. He saw the cars fly past him. His family were also teaching him. Salva had been in Rochester for 6 years. He read an email he got from a cousin. they found his father. He was planning to meet his father it took months but he had done it then he asked one of the workers if he could see his dad
  • chapter 17

    chapter 17
    His father can barely recognize him but he does and when he hugs him joyfully he says that the water is very very bad in south Sudan. On his plane back he says that he will fix the water in south Sudan. He met a lot of people that helped him. People donated him money and more. He met Scott he was an expert at planning talks. After weeks he was ready. He walked on and said hello there was a screech but then he started to talk about his plan.
  • chapter 1 Nya's side

    chapter 1 Nya's side
    In chapter 1 Nya takes a plastic bag she moves it around in her hand and she cant stop walking there are thorns heat and once she gets there it will already take her half the morning
  • Chapter 2-6 nya's walk

    Chapter 2-6 nya's walk
    Nya goes to the pond digs for water but she gets mud and water. Now she is walking back. There were girls at the pond getting water and the land was green they're family had been going there for generations. She is still walking back to her village
  • chapter 7-8 nya's story

    chapter 7-8 nya's story
    Nya's mom says that Akeer needs to learn (Akeer is Nya's little sister). She takes Akeer with her to the pound. This is what Nya has been doing for years. Nya's sister is sick and has an illness. Akeer is given 2 spoons of medicine and is back to normal. The client says to the mother that the sickness is coming from the water. They needed to boil water but cant. When Nya get there she drink cant stop Akeer from drinking
  • The fight of the lake

    The fight of the lake
    The lake was getting smaller and smaller people were fighting to get water for the lake. People had to harm other people but luckily Nya got out of there with the water not harmed now she is walking back to the village
  • Chapter 18

    Chapter 18
    In this chapter the two stories unite with Nya and Salva. As Salva gives Nya's clan an well. Nya wants to thank Salva and so she tries. She says her name is Nya and Salva says his name is Salva they shake hands and she says thank you. It is also reveled that Nya and her clan were getting a school.
  • Nya's story the iron giraffe and the ending of Nya's story

    Nya's story the iron giraffe and the ending of Nya's story
    the big drill came and it started digging through the ground no one knew why. They needed water to keep the drill going than the bag that had the water had an hole so they repaired it but it happened again and again. Than whose water came but it was still dirty. They drilled more and the water was cleaner. They used the drill hole and made an well. Then they anounced that a school is opening and Nya wanted to thank the boss and it turned out that the boss was Salva which is a nice ending.