A long walk to water

Timeline created by Etheiling
  • Salva chapter 1

    Salva chapter 1
    Salva is an 11 year old boy in southern Sudan who goes to school during the rainy seasons. He has many siblings and likes playing with them. Hes at school when he hears gunshots outside. The war between rivals and the northern Sudan government has come to his town. Him and his classmates are told to run into the bushes.
  • Salva chapter 2

    Salva chapter 2
    Salva is walking with a group of people, they separate into tribe groups. Salva cant see anyone that is part of his family. They run into a group of rebels who take all the men and force them to work while the women and children get to leave. They sleep in a barn and Salva wakes up in an empty barn. Everyone abandon him because hes too much work as a kid.
  • Salva chapter 3

    Salva chapter 3
    Salva, after being abandon by his group finds an old woman that gets him to do work for food and shelter. She has to leave for the dry season and she cant take him but he finds another Dinka group to follow.
  • Salva chapter 4

    Salva chapter 4
    Salva joined the new group. Salva walked and started to get tired and hungry but he didn't want to hold up the group. A man named Buksa found a bee hive for food finally.
  • Salva chapter 5

    Salva chapter 5
    They took the bee hive down and ate the honey. Salva found a friend, Marial. He found out he was going to Ethiopia.At the end of the chapter someone was calling his name.
  • Salva chapter 6

    Salva chapter 6
    Salva finds his uncle who takes the role as a leader for the group. He would hunt animals for the group and tell them where to go. At the end Salvas friend, Marial is killed by a lion.
  • Salva chapter 7

    Salva chapter 7
    Salva is sad about his friend getting killed by a lion, his uncle tries to console him. He told him they where coming up to the Nile river. they made camp on the shore and had the kids fetch reeds and stalks and the boat builders make kayaks to cross in. They stayed for two days to build boast until they went on the water.
  • Salva chapter 8

    Salva chapter 8
    They paddled across the Nile in their handmade boats. They stopped at an island in the middle of the river. At night the people that lived on the island went into nets. Mosquitoes swarmed out and attacked Salva an the others. They collected water in the morning and went on their trip to the other side to make their way to the Akobo desert.
  • Salva chapter 9

    Salva chapter 9
    the conflict seen in chapter 9 of A Long Walk To Water is character versus nature. He was slowed down by the hot climate of the Akobo desert. He had to stop at a bush because he was running out of water and could barely walk anymore.
  • Salva chapter 10

    Salva chapter 10
    Salva's group takes in some people they found in the desert. Salva realizes he will be alone without his uncle or family in the Ethiopia shelter. Then men from the Nuer tribe approached the group and forced them to sit down. They looted the group the they took Salva's uncle and tied him too a tree without his gun. They shot him.
  • Salva chapter 11

    Salva chapter 11
    Salva's Uncle had just been killed. He lost the only person he knew had left but he was not treated with any sympathy, instead they told him he was too young and neglected him. They did not let him have any food unless he begged, even then he would only get a small bit. Salva promised himself to prove he was not useless like his group thought he was.
  • Salva chapter 12 1985

    Salva chapter 12 1985
    1985:Salva finally made his way to the refuge but he still yearns few his family, he thinks he sees his mother but he finds out he was wrong. He now has to survive on his own.
  • Salva chapter 12 1991

    Salva chapter 12 1991
    1991:Salva has aged six years since the start of their journey. He is older and maturer then he was at 11 and he has come to the terms that he might never see his family again. His life hasten changed much since he arrived at the refugee. He stayed there for six years but suddenly everyone in the refuge is run out by soldiers.
  • Salva chapter 13

    Salva chapter 13
    Salva was faced with a hard decision. He was being forced into the water but there was a strong current pulling his peers along into the depths of the river. There was also crocodiles threatening to take the life of the swimming people. As well as the crocodiles, there was also soldiers shooting at them. Salva got across safely and knew he needed to walk to Kenya to get to a new refuge camp. It ended up taking them a year and a half to get to Kenya.
  • Salva chapter 14

    Salva chapter 14
    Salva has gone from a 11 year old boy with a family to depend on to a 20 year old man with no family or home. He has become more independent, especially considering the bad conditions of the refuge camp. He learned a small amount of English and an aid worker, Micheal helped her read and wright in English. He lost hope of ever getting out of the refuge camp and going home until he was given the opportunity to go to America.
  • Salva chapter 15

    Salva chapter 15
    Salva was scared and confused about going to America but he knew it was for the better. He was very cold, because he had never experienced such low temperatures even though the aid workers gave him lots of layers. It took Salva a long time to get to New York and the planes were bumpy but Salva tried to stay calm. He left everything he knew behind to come have a better life in America.
  • Salva chapter 16

    Salva chapter 16
    Salva goes through character versus society in this chapter. He needs to learn how to navigate the city and when he learns of his father being alive back in southern Sudan, it took him months before he got the plan to go see his father in place.
  • Salva chapter 17

    Salva chapter 17
    Salva met his father and learned that his whole family is still alive besides for his two brothers. Salva cannot go back to his village because he will be forced to fight in the war but he promised to come when it is safe. Salva went on to speak publicly for kids ins schools. He raised money to help Sudan.
  • Nya chapter 1

    Nya chapter 1
    Nya is walking through the heat to get water.
  • Nya Chapter 2

    Nya Chapter 2
    Nya is still walking to the pond to get water. She has no shoes and gets a thorn stuck in her foot. She uses another torn to get it out.
  • Nya Chapter 3

    Nya Chapter 3
    Nya finally got to the lake. She filled the container with a gourd as a scoop. she out a cloth doughnut shaped thing on her head to protect it as she carried the container on top of her head.
  • Nya Chapter 4

    Nya Chapter 4
    Nya got back from her water trip and on the next one her mom tells her to bring her little sister so she can learn.
  • Nya Chapter 5

    Nya Chapter 5
    Nya dug in the clay and waited until water seeped through.
  • Nya chapter 6

    Nya chapter 6
    Nya is at the lake camp. They would sleep in makeshift shelters and every time Nyas older brother went off to hunt her whole family would be afraid that he would be killed by Dinka.
  • Nya Chapter 7

    Nya Chapter 7
    Nya's sister is sick from the dirty water. A few days walk away was a medical clinic they where thinking about going to. Akeer might die by the time they get there it the trip would kill her.
  • Nya Chapter 8

    Nya Chapter 8
    They brought Akeer to a medial clinic and gave her some medicine when she got better. They where told to boil the water before they drink it. They worried because the water would evaporate before the dirt boiled out.
  • Nya Chapter 9

    Nya Chapter 9
    Strange men come to Nya's town and talk to the older boys.
  • Nya Chapter 10

    Nya Chapter 10
    I think the men are going to try to solve the water problem of southern Sudan.
  • Nya Chapter 11

    Nya Chapter 11
    She has never seen water there before unless when it rained. The dirt was dry and hard too and did not seem like any moisture could be under it.
  • Nya Chapter 12

    Nya Chapter 12
    The "iron giraffe" that was brought to the town was a drill to dig a hole in the dirt where the water supposedly lay.
  • Nya Chapter 13

    Nya Chapter 13
    The men in Nya´s town used tons of water to use the drill, even thought they kept messing up. The bag with the water kept springing a leak but the boss was patient and helped.
  • Nya Chapter 14

    Nya Chapter 14
    After long days of drilling a spray of water shot into the air. Everyone rejoiced until they realized the water was muddy just as it had been in the pond.
  • Nya Chapter 15

    Nya Chapter 15
    After the water that spouted out was muddy, the crew told the village they just had to work harder to get there
  • Nya Chapter 16

    Nya Chapter 16
    The crew of workers went back to work. Nya's father told her that they where clearing land to build something.
  • Nya Chapter 17

    Nya Chapter 17
    Nya learned that they are building a school for buys and girls and a well with the water. Nya was very exited.
  • Nya Chapter 18

    Nya Chapter 18
    The well in Nya's town was finished as well as the school. Nya drank out of the well, this was her fist time drinking fresh, cold clear water. They started building more things, such as a market place, and even possibly a medical clinic. Nya learned the man who made the well possible is part of the Dinka tribe. Nya learned that the man who built the well is Salva, using the money from his donations to help Sudan.