Melani's Human Development

  • It's A Girl. (Melani's Born)

    It's A Girl. (Melani's Born)
    I was 6 pounds, 15 ounces.
    21 inches. (The average is 7.5 pounds and 20 inches)
  • Melani Starts Potty Training

    Melani Starts Potty Training
    I started potty training at 18 months old. The average is a little after 18 months, so I was a little ahead of the game. My mom said I wasn't hard to potty train. She kept a rack of books by the toilet for me, and I loved to read. So I would tell her, "Mama, Im just gunna go try". Then I'd just sit on the potty for awhile and look at books.
  • Melani's First Steps

    Melani's First Steps
    I took my first steps on Halloween. I was about 11 months old. Normally, kids start walking between the 12th or 13th month.
  • Melani's First Vacation (Unfinished)

    Melani's First Vacation (Unfinished)
    My first vacation was when I was about a year old. We went to Florida to visit my grandma and grandpa. This picture was taken at seaworld.
  • Melani's First Word

    Melani's First Word
    It was "Mama"
    I was about 6 or 7 months old. Thats about average for a baby's first word.
  • Melani's Baptism

    Melani's Baptism
    My sister and I were baptized together. She was only a few months old, and I was almost two. Most kids get baptized not long after they are born.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    I started Kindergarden at Forest Lane Elementary. I was five years old, and I was in Miss Henke's class.
  • First Notable Injury

    First Notable Injury
    When I was in first grade, I was playing tag on the ice. I slid, and hit my mouth on a pole, and I chipped both of my front teeth. The next day, I went to the dentist, and got them fixed. That very same day, I went to Hardees, and when I slid down the slide, I chipped them again.
  • Melani Joins Cheerleading

    Melani Joins Cheerleading
    I joined cheerleading at the beginning of 2nd grade. My favorite cheer was R-O-W-D-I-E. (I don't have any pictures of me in cheerleading from second grade, so I used one from this year)
  • I Can Ride The Tube Ride at Riverview by Myself

    I Can Ride The Tube Ride at Riverview by Myself
    It was the summer before I went into 3rd grade. I always wanted to go down the "Lazy River that Isn't So Lazy" by myself, but I was never tall enough. This year I was. The requirement to go on it is 52". (The average height for a 3rd grade girl is 52" so I was right on track) (Picture is my family and I at Riverview)
  • Confirmation

    This was a pretty important day for me. There had been a lot of family problems that forced me to wait to be confirmed. Usually in my church, kids are confirmed in 8th grade. I was a sophomore in highschool. Around the same time, my dad also wanted to become a member of the church, and the Pastor allowed both me and my sister to take the new member class with him instead of making us go through 2 years, and have me be confirmed as a senior.
  • Driver's License

    Driver's License
    I finally got my driver's lincense. Everywhere around here was booked up, so I had to go to La Crosse to take my test. I was so nervous! This is my first car. I was 16 and a half when I got my licence. Most kids get it when they turn 16.