Sample2 schoolday timelineexcel

Ishmails timeline

  • day of birth

    day of birth
    the day i was born how i got here. march 18,1996 the specile day for all people.
  • First time to cedar point

    First time to cedar point
    went to cedar point with my first cousins. we rode in a small car 7 people in it.
  • first nightmare

    first nightmare
    was afraid of chucky and had a dream he was gona kill me in my aunts base ment.
  • My first game system

    My first game system
    my first game i got was a sega saturn. on christmas agen of three already a expert at game
  • 4th b-day

    4th b-day
    got my fam and went to jeepers creepers for the b-day. not the movie but the fun place hung out with the fam we rode in my dads van.
  • My bike

    My bike
    learned to ride a bike with out training wheels
  • ATL

    Almost moved down south after we visited fam.
  • New school

    New school
    first time coming to mt.morris
  • my first girlfriend

    my first girlfriend
    got my first girlfriend vanessa in 4th grade
  • Favorite school year

    Favorite school year
    Had fun like crazy was over my friends house every week or 2
  • The beach

    The beach
    was at the beach chillin with the fam having tons of fun
  • my 360

    my 360
    my uncle gave me the money to buy an xbox 360
  • My 14th birth day

    My 14th birth day
    stayed home didnt have a party got money
  • My first car

    My first car
    get my first car my 16th b-day
  • my colledge year

    my colledge year
    going to colledge for video game developement
  • Get married

    Get married
    get married at age 26