Unit 6 Timeline

By sbrady
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    On a sunday aftertnoon Mr.James Watt pattoned the first succsessful steam engine the steam engine could be used for transportation of people goods and cargo and it was key part in the industrial revolution
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    King louis unable to fix problems and unwilling to. People anger storm bastile arm themselves overthrow the palace take king to paris exucute him napelon takes over restores monarch. exiled to St. Helana
  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
    The HaitianRevolution was a battle in the french colony saint-dominco when the people of haiti rebelled against the french on slavery and independence and defeated them. this is important because the people of haiti were now free and first time slavery rebellion got independence aginst a different country.
  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    The people of mexico and spanish authorities won thewar that would change the history of mexico forever. the people that won this war won the the freedom of mexico.it is important becuase without this war mexico would not have been free.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
    The Congress of Vienna is a concuil of Euopean ambassordors formed to settle issues from the french revolution and napoleononic wars. They redrew the country map made the countrys border and restored legitmacy and monarchs
  • Opium War

    Opium War
    When opium Use Became a problem in china they looked to the british to blame due to thier illegal
  • Communist Manifesto

    Communist Manifesto
    The Communist Manifasto is a book By Karl marx. it waas made to show what was wrong with capitilism.it is important because wihtout the goverment would not have fixed itself and would have still been a capitilist goverment.
  • Matt Perry goes to Japan

    Matt Perry goes to Japan
    Commendore Matthew Perry goes to japan and demands trading rights with them and they decline the he flashs his guns and they accept his demand and they starrt to trade with u.s. The importance of this that he opens up trade routes with japan and allows them to trade.
  • Sepoy Mutiny

    Sepoy Mutiny
    The Sepoy mutininy was when the indian natives came from the army and caused havoc all around india. it freed the indians and was considered a freedom revolution. it is important because it made almost all indians free and india got some of british trade.
  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen takes over China

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen takes over China
    Dr sun has new idea for chinese the three principals are democrocy nationilsm and livlihood the chinese people liked the new idea of goverment and made him the new president of the chinse republic. the importance of this is that it chnaged chinas goverment greatly.
  • Unifaction of Germany

    Unifaction of Germany
    The formal Unifaction of germany took place at the Versailles Palace of Halls and Mirrors in France. All the prince's gathered there to crown prine wilhelm of Prussia emporer of the German Empire. It united all of the German states into one empire and prussia would take the throne it started a war against france.
  • Zulu Uprising

    Zulu Uprising
    the Zulu uprising was when the zulu fought for freedom agianst the british. when they won they and declared themselves to be independent and the british aloowed them too. this is important becuase without this zulu could still be oppresed by british forces.
  • Berlin Conferance

    Berlin Conferance
    The Berlin Conferance was called together by german chanceller Otto Von Bismark, he called ona ll the wester major powers to negotiate the control of africa. They divided up africa between themselves. the importance of this is that it would change africas history momunmentally cause civil wars deaths and hatred between loved people.
  • Russu-Japanese War

    Russu-Japanese War
    Japan goes to war with Russia to fight over korea and wins. japan gains control of korea and shock the world showing them that there now a player in the world of powers . It was the first time a non wastern power defeated a western power. the importance of this is that japan gained control of korea and showed the poweres they were here f ight.