Unit 6 Timeline

By lew
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
  • Period: to

    Steam Engine

    The steam engine played a vital role in the industrial revolution. Savery produced the 1st steam engine improved by Newcomen - improved by Watt. We built steam powered trains and boats - this allowed us to transport goods over long distances-not only did this invention aid the industrial revolution but also the transportation revolution-We even benefit today from household steam heat
  • Fench Revolution

    Fench Revolution
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    King Louis put France into debt by fighting to many wars - they thought they would resolve the problem by taxing - the problem was not enough revenue because it was only 3rd estate tax - they called in the states general. This created the tennis court act and Louis was soon beheaded - this created the reign of terror - 17,000 killed and 300,000 arrested. Napolean steps in and issues Napoleans code, The revolution was important because it established equality of the law.
  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution

    The Revolution was the most successful in the Western Hemispere. The slaves not only ended slavery but also ended the French control over their colony. This established human rights, citizenship and also a part in government which we still use today.
  • Independence Of Mexico

    Independence Of Mexico
    Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo a priest in the town of Dolores, Guanajuato gathered up the people to rise up against the Spanish Crown-this established Mexico's War Of Independence. This day was September 16, 1810 and is still celebrated today.
  • Period: to

    Congress Of Vienna

    Object was to equal power between countries of Europe and keep peace with the nations. The summit took place in Austria after Napoleon's fall-outcome was good. The delegates were Russia, Prussia, Austria and Britain-they came with goals. Some of the accomplish.were France gave back land they got from Napoleon-Russia gained rule over Poland-Austria got land back-French were ruled by Louis XVIII-Spain by Ferdinand VII. We model the distribution of power today between states with representatives.
  • Congress Of Venna

    Congress Of Venna
  • Matt Perry Goes To Japan

    Matt Perry Goes To Japan
    Matt Perry was a sailor in the navy. The US sent him to Japan to use it as a coaling base. Japan is at the same latitutde as San Francisco so this was going to be the port for steamships in the East. They also sent him to make sure shipwrecked sailors got good treatment. The final reason was the trading brought in good revenue. I think it was important to us today as he established the relationship.
  • Opium War

    Opium War
  • Period: to

    Opium War - I & II

    First one was actually called Anglo-Chinese War - fought between United Kingdom & China - was about the illegal trade of the Opium Drug. Boost for Britain - disaster for China as the addiction grew. I believe this war helped us today to reduce the traffic of the drug.
  • Communist Manifesto

    Communist Manifesto
    A short book written by the German theorist Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The book has gone down in history as the most influential political manuscript - discusses past and present problems of capitalism - still reas today.
  • Sepoy Mutiny

    Sepoy Mutiny
    The mutiny of the Sepoys (trained Indians by British) was due to a bad rumor that their rifles were greased with lard and beef fat. They were upset due to spiritual beliefs. Religious beliefs are still with us today.
  • Unification Of Germany

    Unification Of Germany
  • Period: to

    Unification Of Germany

    Conference of Vienna did not unite Germany. The unification took place at the Versailles Palace's Hall of Mirrors in France where Wilhelm of Prussia was named Emperor Wilhelm of the German Empire. The unification disclosed several religious and cultural differences in the new nation. The unification in 1870 probably led to the unification of East and West in 1990.
  • Berlin Conference

    Berlin Conference
  • Period: to

    Berlin Conference

    The conference was meant to colonize the continent. The act established the trade of all nations shall enjoy complete freedom-Flag of nationality-free import and transit duties. This act allotted "spheres of influence" to the relevant powers and established the Congo basin as the Congo Free State. Established a better trade for Africa.
  • Russo-Japanese War

    Russo-Japanese War
  • Period: to

    Russo-Japanese War

    The war was due to an old grudge between Russia and Japan. The war began as a surprise attack from Japan on Russia at Port Arthur. The final battle of the war was at Mukden in March1905. The result ended with the development of a constitutional charter. The charter still affects us today.
  • Zulu Uprising

    Zulu Uprising
    The uprising was about taxes in Natal, South Africa in 1906. The leader was Bambatha kaMancinza. Bambatha was not recording the proper amount of people living in households and when confronted by tax police began guerilla attacks. Today some people still protest property taxes - but in a more civil way than Bambatha did.
  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen takes over China

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen takes over China
    Known as "The Father of the Revolution" ir "The Father of the Republic". His theory was to divide the government into 5 branches - executive, legislative, judicial, censorate and civil service system. His theory still serves us today with our government branches legislative, judicial and executive.