• Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    In 1769, James Watt was granted a patent for the seperate condensor of the steam engine. In 1803 james Watt perfected the Steam Engine. James' Watt's engine became the most prominant used in the Industrial Revolution.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    People started getting the idea that they could "Recreate the society". and begin to question authority, Starting in 1788 there began to be rough weather and a food shortage, which called for the first assembly in 175 years. The people agreed that they would not leave until they solved a problem and This agreement was called the Tennis Court Oath. on July 14, 1789 the people stormed the bastelle and completely destroyed it. The people finally started to revolt and stand up for their rights.
  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
    The Haitian Revolution was a period where the French fought a terrible battle in the colony of Saint Dominique. Slaves in Haiti expierienced the first republic actually ruled by African Ancestry.
  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    The Mexican War was a battle fought between people in Mexico and the Spanish authorities. The battle was led by Mestizos, Mexico-born Spaniards, and Amerindians. 10 years of Civil War later, The revolution began as a peasents uprising but ended with a strange alliance with ex- royalists and Guerilla Insurgents.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
    The congress of Vienna was an international conference which was started to begun to remake europe after Napolean I. During this cinference there were many territorial decisions that were to be made. The conference lasted from 1814 to 1815. The main goal of the conference was to create a check and balances type of system and reserve peace.
  • Opium War

    Opium War
    The Opium Wars were fights that happened because of trade disputes and problems under the Qing Dynasty. The first Opium war lasted from 1839-1842 and the seconf Opium War lasted from 1856-1860. The Opium was brought into China by brittish Indian Merchants and went against the Chinese Prohibition laws. War began in 1839 between Birttian and China. China was defeated in both wars wich resulted in opium being tolerated. The Chinese were forced into siging the treaty of Nanking and Tianjin.
  • Communist Manifesto

    Communist Manifesto
    The book Communist Manifesto was written by the German theorists Karl Max and Freidrick Engels. The book has been said to be one of the most influential political based books in history. This book talks about historys class stuggle in the past and future. Freidrick and Karl explain their views on nature of society, politics, socialism, and communism.
  • Matt Perry goes to Japan

    Matt Perry goes to Japan
    Matthew Perry's first expedition was on July 8th, 1853. When he arrived in Japan he told the Japanese that he wanted Japan Ports to be open to Americans and that he wante dthem to treat their prisoners better. The Japanese did not agree with Perry, so he left with the thought of knowing he would return. Perry returned in 1854 and after many arguements and compromises, the japanese signed the Treaty of Kanagawa.
  • Zulu uprising

    Zulu uprising
    The Sepoys were Indians trained by the Brittish to become soldiers. The sepoys were supposed to be getting rifles, the rifles were greased in cow and pig lard. Because cows are sacred to Hindu's and muslims strongly oppose Pigs, they were outraged. The sepoys revolted and ended up taking cities of Delhi and Kanpur. On September 20, 1857 the Brittish came in, crushed the revolt and won back Delhi. Many of the sepoys were bayonetted, fired from cannons, and wrapped in pig/ cow carcasses.
  • Unification of Germany

    Unification of Germany
    Germany used to consist of many smaller states linked as a german Confederation. The confederation was mainly ruled by Austria. Later in the 1860's, Prussia revolted against Austria which marked the beginning of German Law and when the unification began.
  • Berlin Conference

    Berlin Conference
    The Berlin Conference regulated European Colonization and african trade. The meeting was called for by Portuagal and was organized by Otto Von bismarck who called for all of the major powers of the world. At this time Africa was ruled 80% by traditional and local control. The main goal of the conference was to colonize Africa by dividing it between Europen countries. The Conference ende in 1885 and mainl had only coastal areas given out, but by 1914 Africa was divided into 50 countries.
  • Russo-Japanese War

    Russo-Japanese War
    The Russo japanese War was a war which came out of the wanting for mancuria and Korea. In the first Sino-Japanese war, the Russians and Japanese had maintained negotiations, but now Japan chose war to fight for Korea. The japanese kept their victory which would later change the balance of power in East Asia. The loss of the Russians set up for the Russian Revolution that would soon come.
  • DR. Sun Yat-Sen takes over China

    DR. Sun Yat-Sen takes over China
    Dr. Sun Yat sen is said to be the father of Modern China by many. He was part of overthrowing the Qing Dynasty which was the last Imperialism type power in China. He was the first president in the new republic of china,