History id 1

unit #6

By mshaben
  • the steam engine

    the steam engine
    the steam Engine was made by james watt. it changed the way the world transported items. this also started the industrial age of europe
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    the french people were starving when the king was liveing a lavished life. they revolted and killed the king. then destroyed the bestelle and took controle of france
  • Period: to

    haitian revolution

    this was a conflict between the french and the colony of saint- domingo this lead to the ilimination of slavery. this established the republic of haiti. this was the first republice ruled by africans.
  • Period: to

    Independence of Mexico

    This was a armed battle between spain and mexico. the middle class did not like shareing there wealth with spain. the creoles resented being considered infirior.
  • Period: to

    congress of vienna

    this was made to restore power in europe. it the land in after the nepoleonic wars.
  • Unification of Germany

    Unification of Germany
    the princes of the states gathered to discusses the unification. such as the religous and cultural differences.
  • opium war

    opium war
    this was between cina and the bitchish. bringing opium and tradeing witht the people of china.
  • mat perry

    He was a US navy gerneral who opened japan to western ideas. And industry.
  • Sepoy mutiny

    It started because they dident like how they had greese and lard on there guns. they were out raged from this rumor
  • berline congress

    berline congress
    regulated the europen colonization and trade in africa. the great power of europe wanted a legail owner ship of the land.this is a theroy that disscues the strugle in the classes relationships.
  • Zulu Uprising

    Zulu Uprising
    When the Boars settled in southern Africa they clashed with the zulu and that started a war. This happened because the British took cape colony. They defeated the Boers but the British beat the Zulu tribe.
  • russo japanese war

    russo japanese war
    A competition between the Russian and the Japanese over territories led to a war. The Japenese won' this victory had great effects on the empire
  • Dr sun yat-sen

    Dr sun yat-sen
    He was the founder of the Chines republic. He is the one that overthrew the qing dynasty.He was the first presadent of China.