Baking and Pastry

By midge9
  • Cooking Camp at the Viking Store

    Cooking Camp at the Viking Store
  • Hillgrove

  • Period: to

    Hillgrove High School

    1 year only so that I can come to Marietta for the Culinary Program
  • Marietta

  • Period: to

    Marietta High Schol

    Culinary Arts
    Food Science
  • Get a Job at Theo's Bakery

    Get a Job at Theo's Bakery
  • Period: to

    Start Saving Money for a Small Bakery of My Own

  • Johnson and Wales University

    Johnson and Wales University
  • Period: to

    College at Johnson and Wales

    Major in Baking and Pastry
    Minor in Food Service Managment
  • Period: to

    Get a Job

    Refered to by Johnson and Wales
  • Get a Job

    Get a Job
    Start at the bottom and work my way up
  • Start the Small Bakery

    Start the Small Bakery
  • Period: to

    Start the Bakery

  • Period: to

    Start Franchising

  • Go Nation Wide

    Go Nation Wide
  • Period: to

    Go Nation Wide