Psych 229

  • Period: to


  • Prenatal

    Concieved and carried for 8 months and 21 days
  • Birth

    Born at 2:33 am at 7 pounds and 2 ounces
  • First Two Years: Biosocial

    Brain, motor skills, senses, and preception all developed normally
    Breast fed until 4 months old
    Experience-dependant: parents were divorced, now lived with mother and grandparents, learned English
    Had all appropriate immunizations
  • First Two Years: Cognitive

    Was very curious about any and everything
    Love doing puzzles and problem-solving activities
    Started "talking" at 8 months, saying simple vocabulary words
  • First Two Years: Psychosocial

    Seems to get frustrated easily
    Has little regard toward fear
    Is quickly becoming a "mommy's girl"
    Goes to daycare at a neighbors house 3-4 times a week with other children
  • The Play Years: Biosocial

    Started school in the Wayne-Westland School district
    Dominating hand is right hand
  • The Play Years: Cognitive

    Being an only child makes egocentrism a little more evident
    Started Preschool at Beginners Inn
    Started taking piano lessons
  • The Play Years: Psychosocial

    Emotional skills are gained normally
    Not an aggressive child
    Parents take a pretty equal stance of parenting between the Permissive, Authoritarian, and Authoritative with the emphesis on being Authoritatvie
    Tend to play more with other girls
  • The School Years: Biosocial

    No serious illnesses
    Exercise induced asthma was diagnosed
    Slightly chunky, not obese
    Always achieved above normal scores on state regulated tests
  • The School Years: Cognitive

    Loved going to school
    Began learning Spanish
    Was place in accelerated math courses
  • The School Years: Psychosocial

    Was popular vs. rejected
    Started doing Pom Pon
    Never internalized any bullying
  • Adolesence: Biosocial

    Began puberty
    Never experimented with tobacco, sex, drugs, nor alcohol
  • Adolescence: Cognitive

    Loved being in high school for the social aspect of it
    Did poorly the first two years, then turned it around junior year
    Still did Pom Pon for the high school
    Got first job
  • Adolescence: Psychosocial

    Had first relationship that lasted 2 ½ years
    Relationship with parents not very strong
    Friends are most important
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial

    Started college at Schoolcraft
    Changed jobs and picked up another
    Started coaching Pom Pon
    Works out regularly to ensure health
    Started second long term relationship
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive

    Relgion is more important that ever before
    Graduates college with a BSN
  • Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial

    Gets married
    Vocational identity is clear- work as a BSN then go back and get a masters in nursing
    Close friends are important
    Self esteem is high
    Starts family
  • Adulthood: Biosocial

    Rate of senescence progresses as normal
    Has good health habits
    Practiced preventative medicine
  • Adulthood: Cognitive

    Intellegence is still sharp
    Raising children
  • Adulthood: Phsychosocial

    Children are grown and move out
    Career is at peak
    Friends are crucial
    Family becomes closer
    Marraige improves
  • Late Adulthood: Biosocial

    Happy and active
    Aging sequence is normal
    Attitude about life is good
  • Late Adulthood: Cognitive

    Retires from career
    Dementia and Alzheimers are non apparent
    Takes up traveling with husband
  • Late Adulthood: Psychosocial

    Still active and therefore happy and healthy
    Has strong family and religious connections
    Now has grandchildren
  • Epilogue

    Dies at the ripe age of 84 in sleep due to natural causes