S. Grace Timeline Project

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development & Birth - Zygote to Newborn

  • Cognitive - My mother sang to me while she was pregnant with me.

  • Psychosocial - While pregnant, my mother's stress level was minimal

  • Biosocial - On my birthdate, my mother and I had no health complications.

  • Period: to

    First Two Years - Ages Newborn to 2 years old

  • Biosocial - At 4 months, I started sleeping through the night.

  • Psychosocial - At 9 months, I became aware of strangers.

  • Cognitive - At 2 years old, I was speaking multiword sentences.

  • Period: to

    Play Years - Ages 2 to 6

  • Psychosocial - At the age of 4, I displayed prosocial behavior.

  • Cognitive - By the age of 5, my vocabulary increased dramatically.

  • Biosocial - At 6 years old, I was at least 3 1/2 feet tall.

  • Biosocial - At 7 years old, I was a cheerleader for the neighborhood football team.

  • Period: to

    The School Years - Ages 7-11

  • Cognitive - At age 10, I won my school spelling bee.

  • Psychosocial - At age 11, My family dog passed away and I was really sad.

  • Period: to

    Adolescence - Ages 11-18

  • Biosocial - I was 12 years old when my menarche began.

  • Cognitive - As a teenager, I created an imaginary audience and became very self-conscious.

  • Psychosocial - As a teenager, my independant nature clashed with my parents customary control.

  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood - Ages 18 to 25

  • Biosocial - At age 21, joined a gym to look better in my clothes.

  • Cognitive - At age 23, I moved out my parents house and experienced moral dilemmas, such as sexuality, reproduction, and relationships.

  • Period: to

    Adulthood - Ages 25 to 65

  • Psychosocial - At age 25, I got married to the love of my life.

  • Psychosocial - My sister and I have a very special bond. We meet for lunch every Friday to catch up with one another.

  • Cognitive - I play Sudoku to enhance my number skills.

  • Biosocial - At age 60, I have noticeable wrinkles on my face.

  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood - Age 65 until death

  • Biosocial - At age 70, I spent more time in bed, took longer to fall asleep, woke up often, took naps, felt drowsy in the daytime and because of all this, I became more distressed by my sleep patterns.

  • Cognitive - At age 80, I compensated for loss of speed by allowing additional time to solve problems, repeated instructions that were confusing, asked others to slow down, and focused on meaningful cognitive tasks and ignored irrelevant ones.

  • Psychosocial - At age 90, I decided to age in place and I appreciated my neighbors, friends, relatives, and other people in my community who helped me maintain my independence.

  • Period: to

    Epilogue: Death and Dying

  • Cognitive - I passed away accepting my death as part of life.

  • Biosocial - At age 101, I passed away from natural causes.

  • Psychosocial - I passed away at home surrounded by my friends and family.