My College Life

  • First day of College

    My very first day of college
  • LSU

    My first trip to an SEC school! I was so excited being a freshman in college and going to a bigger school!
  • Gatlinburge Tenn

    Gatlinburge Tenn
    My first real trip as a college kid. My first real taste of freedom!
  • Spring recital

    Spring recital
    My first recital as a music major! I was so scarred because I did not know what was going to happen.
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    My first time being away from home! I moved into the dorms at Faulkner
  • First Night Alone!

    First Night Alone!
    My very first night alone in my dorm room and me and my firends went shopping!
  • Chior

    I was in the Elaited Voices Chior at Faulkerner and we went to the beach to have pics done.
  • First Halloween Party

    First Halloween Party
    This was the very first school thrown party I went to. I was a Widow.
  • My Birthday trip to Belingrath

    My Birthday trip to Belingrath
    My Best friend Bryant took me for my birthday since my b-Day is in December.
  • Pep Band

    Pep Band
    I played the Tenor Sax in the Pep band at Faulkner. This was an every week thing once basketball season came around. My best friend Andrew was a cheerleader.
  • Beach Trip

    Beach Trip
    This was a regular trip for the dorm kids at Faulkner because we were only 30 mins away from the beach.
  • Spring Formal

    Spring Formal
    My first formal and my date was my best Friend. I might add that it had been pooring rain all day but stoped long enough for us to be able to drive to Fairhope for the formal.
  • Arts Departement Banquet

    Arts Departement Banquet
    My first award for playing in college band was given to me on this night!
  • Graduation

    I got my associates in Arts! YAY ME!
  • First South Game!

    First South Game!
  • Souths Second Season!

    Souths Second Season!
  • 80'S Theamed Birthday Party

    80'S Theamed Birthday Party
    My friend Chance turned 30! So he was so a 1980's baby so we had to do it right!