My Friend's and Family's Birthdays!

  • Dad's Birthday!!

    Dad's Birthday!!
    Doc's Harley DavidsonMy Dad was born in Illinois. He is the oldest of four. He has three sisters. He works at Doc's Harley Davidson in St. Louis.
  • Mom's Birthday!!

    Mom's Birthday!!
    My Mom was born in Washington D.C. She has a twin sister to! She works for Ralcorp Holdings Inc. In St. Louis.
  • Stuart's Birthday!!

    Stuart's Birthday!!
    Reed Construction DataI met my boyfriend at school two years ago. He graduated and currently lives in Atlanta! and works for Reed Construction Data as an outside sales rep.
  • Sara's Birthday!

    Sara is my cousin and we are super close! She will graduate from South in December.
  • Jenna's Birthday!!

    Jenna's Birthday!!
    Jenna is one of my good friends! She graduates from South in the spring!
  • Catalina's Birthday!!

    Catalina is my best friend from home. She attends University of Missouri-St. Louis!
  • My Birthday!!!

    My Birthday!!!
    I was born in Chicago, Illinois!
  • James' Birthday!!

    James' Birthday!!
    My brother was born in Chicago, Illinois. I remember holding him when he was first born :) He lives in St. Louis with my parents and attends a junior college.
  • Coco's Birthday!

    We got our dog when she was seven months old. She is the center of our family!