My life

My Life

  • My Sister, Brittany

    My Sister, Brittany
    My older sister, Brittany was born April 10, 1986. She currently lives in Birmingham, AL. She and I are very close in age. I have always looked up to her! She is very special to me, and I don't know what I would do without her!
  • I've Arrived!

    I've Arrived!
    Springhill Memorial Hospital Name: Brooke Richelle Broadus
    Birthday: December 7, 1988
    Weight: 5 pounds 4 ounces
  • My TWIN Brother, Mark

    My TWIN Brother, Mark
    Mark, is my twin brother! He was born exactly one minute after me!
  • Period: to

    My Life!

  • First Day of Elementary School

    First Day of Elementary School
    Hutchens Elementary I attended Hutchens Elmaentary from kindergarten to fifth grade. It was a brand new built school at the time. I was really nervous ! My favorite year at Hutchens was my fifth grade year. My teacher Marcy Miller made learning fun! She is who has inspired me to get a degree in education.

    Causey Middle School I attended middle school at Causey Middle in Mobile, Alabama. I was really excited about middle school. I was on the cheerleading squad sixth through eighth grade. Middle school was a great experience, and was A LOT different from elementary school!

    Baker High School FINALLY.....HIGH SCHOOL! I attended high school at Baker in Mobile, Alabama. In high school I was on the dance team. High school was a great experience! My friends and I had so much fun! Between the football games, pep rallys, class, and organizational meetings I had to squeeze in some study time!

    June 2005, my friend and I went on a seven day cruise! We went to the Bahamamas, St. Martin, and St. Thomas! This was an awesome trip! The beaches were amazing!
  • Kenny Chesney Concert

    Kenny Chesney Concert
    Spring Break 2006 My friends and I went to Panama City for a week and got to watch Kenny Chesney sing!

    University of South Alabama My first week at the University of South Alabama was a little overwhelming! This is my fourth year here, and I am just now learning my way around this HUGE campus!
  • MY LOVE!

    MY LOVE!
    In July 2008 I meet my wonderful boyfriend, Eric! He is a great guy, and has taught me a lot about myself!

    In September of 2009 my grandpa, Don Lins passed away. A year later my grandma, Ruth Lins passed away. Talk about a difficult year. They were married for almost fifty years, and died at at a young age of 67. They built each of their children a house on a piece a property they bought so out family could always be close to one another. I miss them every single day.
  • Sparky

    We got our family dog in October of 2009. His name is Sparky. He is a boxer with A TON of energy!

    YES......IT SNOWED IN MOBILE (just a little)! I was at work when it started to snow. No one knew what to do! Class was canceled and we all got a "snow day!"
  • Mardi Gras Ball

    Mardi Gras Ball
    After turning 21, I got to attend my very first Mardi Gras Ball. My boyfriend and I went to the Inca Ball with a group of over friends! We had a GREAT time!