7D historical narratives: visual icons

  • Period: to

    my history

  • architecture. : McDougal church

    architecture. : McDougal church
    McDougall church was made in 1873 and it was the first church to be built in edmonton, the man who built this was m great x5 grandfather who was also the first setler in edmonton
  • poem: the flanders feild poem

    poem: the flanders feild poem
    this poem always speaks to me because one of my freinds father's in the military and he's not around lots. this poem reminds me of what they deal with every day, and i pray that he comes home safely
  • other: (person)

    other: (person)
    a person/s special to me would be my mom and dad. I love them so very much, they are the ones who take care of me and respect me the most, I know whatever I tell them they will understand. that is why they are such a big part of my life.
  • art: infinite love sign

    art: infinite love sign
    when my family was created with me ,my sister, my dad, and mom i knew our love would never grow apart. the love infinite sign reminds me of how much i love my family
  • song; waka waka

    song; waka waka
    the song waka waka by shakira is telling us how soccer brought together the world and let africa have a chance to represent themselves, i chose this song since soccer is a big part of my life
  • locale: hawaii

    locale: hawaii
    hawaii reminds of all the good times me and my family had their on our vacation
  • novel: wayward gifted- broken point

    novel: wayward gifted- broken point
    i chose this novel because it is about family relationships and all of the tragedys they face while they live life... i can relate to this by all the crazy things that pop up in life, some expected and some unexpected!