• Olivia's House

    Went to Olivias and got her dog Louie.
  • Party Day

    I went to three parties in one day.
  • Beechworth

    Dad and I went to beachworth and went to the lollie shop and backery.
  • Help do gardening.

    Zach helped in the garden and dug hole where he wasn't ment to and got dirt althrough the house.
  • Bendigo visit

    family from Bendigo came down for grand final
  • Garden

    Zach helped in the garden but dug in the rong places and got dirt althrough the house.
  • Shopping

    I went shopping for my birthday preasents.
  • My Birthday.

    It was my birthday got heaps of presents and Muz, Mel and Emily went to the movies with me to see Dairy of a wimpy kid
  • Head Ache

    I got a huge head ache and slept till three O'clock
  • Leahs 40th

    Aunty's 40th
  • 1st weekend with dad

    I regected Emily. S's sleepover because its my first weekend with dad because Em, Liv and Abbz were away for my birthday did you know that.