Love Line

  • Larry (my husband's birthday)

    Larry (my husband's birthday)
    Larry is an amazing man. He puts up with six women in his life. I know it is hard at times because we can be a hand full. He works offshore with Nabors
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I am Robin. I am happily married and have five beautiful daughters. I attend University of South Alabama
  • Bekah's (my daughter) birthday

    Bekah's (my daughter) birthday
    Bekah is our first daughter and she was born in Waynesboro, MS.
  • Rachael's ( my daughter) birthday

    Rachael's ( my daughter) birthday
    Rachael is 18 months younger than Bekah. She was also born at Wayne General Hospital in Waynesboro, MS.
  • Hope's (my daughter) birthday

    Hope's (my daughter) birthday
    Hope is very special because she is the middle child. She was born in Charlotte, NC. She attends Fruitdale High School
  • Piper's (my daughter) birthday

    Piper's (my daughter) birthday
    Piper started kindergarten this year. She does not like school. She was born in Mobile, AL.
  • Paisley's (my daughter) birthday

    Paisley's (my daughter) birthday
    Paisley is the baby and she is very spoiled. She has to be tough because she is the youngest of five. She was also born at Mobile Infirmary
    in Mobile, AL.