Careers Timeline of my Life

By 1234567
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born on Friday May 19,1995 in Richmond Hill Hosbital at 2am. I am the fisrt born in my family making me the eldist,
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • I Got A Sister

    I Got A Sister
    This was the day that my sister was born. Ironicaly 2 days after I was.
  • First Day Of School

    First Day Of School
    I first went to Pre School at Royal Tru Blue and Orange in Richmond Hill. I later went to Corpus Christy Catholic Elementry also in Richmond Hill.
  • Another Girl

    Another Girl
    this was the day I got my youngest sister on spetember 9. She is the youngest and last of my parents
  • New House

    New  House
    I moved from my hold town house in richmond Hill to my new house in oakridges. We moved in 2002 and have lived at my current house for 8 years
  • New School

    New School
    I went from pre school to my elementy school of years Our Lady Of the Announcation Cathlic School.
  • Family Vacation

    Family Vacation
    This was the day that my family and my cousins in England came from England and we all met up in Flordia to spend the Christmas olidays Together.
  • Vacation Again

    Vacation Again
    This was another meeting with me and my cousins as they came to spend the Holidays with us and my grandparents also flew in from England to spend the olidays with us.
  • Graduation

    This was the day that I graduated from Our Lady Of the Annuncation catholic to Richmond Green IN Richmond Hill. I was supossed to go to Cardianl Carter but I cam To green instead
  • First Day Of High School

    First Day Of High School
    This was the first day that I cam to Highschool and I didnt know anyone because most of my other friends were at cardianl carter. But I still had some who came to green with me and I made alot of new friends here at RGSS.
  • First Day Of Grade 10

    First Day Of Grade 10
    This was the First Day of Gr 10 for me in Highschool and I was not nearly as nervious as I was in grade nine.