evelyn's timeline

  • my birthday

    I was born in Denver,Colorado at 3:15 am
  • my sister's birthday

    my sister was born premature and we had to stay in the hospital a whole week
  • My first horse

    my nino gaved me a horse for my christmas present
  • day i got baptized

    me and my sister got baptized the same day.
  • Day the twin towers got crashed

    i was in class scared that twin towers in New York city were crashed by two planes
  • my first cumminion

    i did my first cumminion with my cuosins
  • My first shooting

    my nino took me shooting for the firsty time and bought me a little 9mm blue and white gun
  • my confirmasion day

    my conformation was ewith my sister in durango
  • my grandmpa's death

    was the sadest day of my life.
  • Day i got babee

    the day after my sister's birthday i got a present too. it was my cute lilttle puppy babee. i love her above anything
  • My quincianera

    my quinceanera was a great,remembering day. thanks to my mom and my friends