My Life

  • Birth

    On the winter solstice of 1998 I was born to Jeff and Kelly Anklam. First off, I was born on December 21, 1998 at three forty-five a.m. Secondly, I weighed seven pounds and nine oz. and was twenty inches long. Lastly, I was born at Saint Mary’s hospital in Green Bay WI. Obviously, the day I was born was a very important day in mine and my family’s life.
  • My First Badger Game

  • Bringing Home My Dog Jack

    Bringing Home My Dog Jack
  • Our Family Trip to Mexico

  • Adopting my dog Jesse

  • 1st Softball Team

    1st Softball Team
  • We Adopted My Cats Zelda and Lexa

  • Siren WI Vacation

    Siren WI Vacation
  • Feild Trip to Madison

    Feild Trip to Madison
  • My First Brewer Game