Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing

  • Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing Prediction, Burrton

    Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing Prediction, Burrton
    We predict that Fudge will cause many problems for Peter throughout the book. Dribble will probably be a large part of the story with Fudge trying to play with him.
  • Chapter 1 Burrton

    Chapter 1  Burrton
    Peter won Dribble at a party but Mrs. Hatcher was not happy to see him come home. She did not like reptiles!
  • Chapter 2 Burrton

    Chapter 2 Burrton
    Fudge ate two flowers that Mrs. Hatcher had on the table for the Yarby's. She called Dr. Cone and he told her to have Fudge take some medicine.
  • Chapter 3 Burrton

    Chapter 3  Burrton
    Fudge refused to eat his cereal. Dad finally got tired of his nonsense and decided he could "eat it or wear it." Fudge ended up wearing his cereal!
  • Chapter 4 Burrton

    Chapter 4 Burrton
    Sheila still believed in COOTIES! She chased both Peter and Jimmy around the park. They got tired of it and decided to chase her instead.
  • Chapter 5 Burrton

    Chapter 5 Burrton
    In this chapter Fudge has a birthday party and invites Jennie. During the party Jennie decides it would be funny to go the bathroom in her pants!
  • Chapter 6 Burrton

    Chapter 6 Burrton
    In this chapter Fudge didn't want to eat his meal. So instead of eating his mashed potatoes he smeared them all over the wall of the Hamburger Heaven.
  • Chapter 7 Burrton

    Chapter 7 Burrton
    Fudge gets into Peter's room and pulls out his art supplies. Fudge then cuts his hair with Peter's scissors!
  • Chapter 9 Burrton

    Chapter 9 Burrton
    Dad takes Peter and Fudge to the movies. During the movie Fudge throws popcorn at the other people in the theatre!
  • Chapter 10 Burrton

    Fudge has always LOVED Dribble. In this chapter Fudge gets into Peter's room and eats Dribble.
  • Book Summary

    Book Summary
    Fudge is a problem.