Research Project

  • Week 6, Term 3

    During this week I will get the definite dimensions for my room, including the walk in wardrobe and ensuite. I will also draw up some plans, so I know where it's situated (North, South). A budget will be discussed. This week i will also order some catalouges i may use in the next few weeks as they vould take a week or two to arrive
  • Week 7, Term 3

    During this week I will start the first of three designs for my room. I will print out pictures of what I'm using, get samples of colours or wallpaper, show how it will be set out in a plan with sizes and keep a budget. This week I will mainly find wallpapers, floors, lights and the furniture next week
  • Week 8, Term 3

    During the second week of designing the first room I will be looking at furniture and accesseries, rugs, bedcovers, shelves, wardrobes, mirrors and other things. I will keep a cost of everything and try to go to a shop to have a look for some possible items i can use. I will also finish the budget and plan for the room and present them to my Mother for her opinion on the room and more importantly the budget. Her reaction to the budget will guide me for the next rooms.
  • Week 9, Term 3

    This week I want to start the second room design. This one will revolve around finding the furniture first. So this week I will do that.
  • Week 10, Term 3

    This week I will finish the second design, and will recieve feedback from my parents.
  • Holidays Week 1

    During the holidays I will do some of the third and final room, this one will incorporate my favourite aspects of the previous two.
  • Holidays Week 2

    Continue with third room
  • Week 1, Term 4

    Finish thrid and final room, recieve feedback on room and budget. Start preparing for evaluation
  • Week 2, Term 4

    Finish design book, and prepare for final evaluation
  • Week 3, Term 4

    Presentation week. Start evaluation. Give oral presentation
  • Week 4, Term 4

    Finish the draft of my context statement and my evaluation. Show my teacher for feedback. Arrange a time to present my oral presentation next week.
  • Week 5, Term 4

    Give my oral presentation