Paul's Life Span

  • born

    I was born two months prematurely via an emgency cesarean section
  • came home from the hospital

  • smiled (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • responds to speech and physical stimulis (cognative)

    sensorimotor stage
  • laughed out loud (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • eyes followed moving object (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • rolled over in bed (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • could put weight on legs (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • "talked" to toys (cognative)

    sensorimotor/preoperational stage
  • "immitated" speech (cognative)

    sensorimotor/preoperational stage
  • stood without support (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • displayed shyness toward strangers (psychosocial)

    sensorimotor stage; I believe that my uncle Carl's blue eyes and piercing stare especially frightened me
  • said "ma-ma" and "da-da" (cognative)

    sensorimotor/preoperational stage
  • waved goodbye (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • first tooth - upper (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • walking with minimal help (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • could drink from a child-friendly cup (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • understood some commands (cognative)

    such as "give mama the cup"; sensorimotor/preoperational stage
  • could name some persons/objects (cognative)

    vocabulary was only 6-12 words?; sensorimotor/preoperaltional stage
  • offered to share toys (psychosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • scribbled/doodled (cognative)

    sensorimotor stage
  • able to kick/throw a ball (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • able to build "block towers" (cognative)

    sensorimotor stage
  • able to undress self and identify body parts (biosocial)

    sensorimotor/preoperational stage
  • running robustly (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • listens to stories; able to turn pages in book (cognative)

    sensorimotor/preoperational stage
  • able to form simple sentences (cognative)

    subject/verb/object; preoperational stage
  • potty trained (biosocial)

    sensorimotor stage
  • able to count to the number ten (cognative)

    preoperational stage
  • knows shapes and colors (cognative)

    preoperational stage
  • beginning to ask "why" (cognative)

    preoperational stage
  • bought Jerry (psychosocial)

    A stuffed toy of Jerry (from "Tom and Jerry"); he was my bestest buddy: preoperational stage
  • fear of the unknown (psychosocial)

    preoperational stage; I was pretty much a scrady-cat of everything
  • interested in action toys (psychosocial/biosoical)

    preoperational stage
  • able to button own clothes (biosocial)

    preoperational stage (though this is sensorimotor in nature)
  • 1st preschool - Ward Presbytarian Church (psychosocial)

    I was miserable in this preschool, Also, I was raised Greek Orthodox...; preoperational stage
  • invents imaginative stories (cognative)

    preoperational stage
  • dresses self without help (biosocial)

    preoperational stage (though this is sensorirmotor in nature)
  • able to climb (biosocial)

    preoperational stage (though this seems like a sensorimotor skill)
  • able to draw stick figures (cognative)

    preoperational stage
  • 2nd preschool - Creative Play (psychosocial)

    I was very happy at this preschool; preoperational stage
  • saw "Empire Srikes Back" in the movie theater (psychosocial)

    This was the first movie that I recall seeing in the theater; preoperational stage
  • began kindergarten at Marshall Elementary (psychosocial)

    The school (which is now a daycare facility) was named after George C Marshall. I did not realize this at the time but Marshall would become one of my favorite American political figures. The "Marshall Plan" is largely credited with rebuilding Western Europe after WWII; preoperational stage
  • made first "best" friends (psychosocial)

    preoperational stage; Kevin, Nick and Matt
  • began to play soccer (biosocial)

    preoperational stage
  • began first grade (psychosocial)

    preoperational/concrete stage
  • had a bicycle of my own (biosocial)

    I could probably ride a bike much earilar but I finally had one to ride that wasn't embarrasing; concrete stage
  • began second grade (psychosocial)

    concrete stage
  • earned second place in "field day" (biosocial)

    I could never beat that superstar athelete, Brad! (this is like winning second place in the beauty contest from Monopoly); concrete stage
  • the 1984 Olympics (cognative)

    the first large scale sporting event that I recall being interested in; coming to understand national identity; concrete stage
  • began third grade with all-time favorite teacher, Mr Turnquist (psychosocial/cogantive)

    I recall that there was a competition as to who could recite multiplication tables the fastest; concrete stage
  • became friends with Dan Haremski and the Haremski clan (psychosocial)

    My adopted family to this day... concrete stage
  • built the city of Ur at Sub's birthday party (cognative)

    Dan and I stayed up all night to build the Sumarian city of Ur from legos (we were told about Ur via the aforementioed all-time favorite teacher). Incidentally, Sub's father was a psychiatrist and we built Ur in his home office which housed a replica human skeleton (I hope it was replica!); concrete stage
  • learned to play chess (cognative)

    It was taught to me by my cousin, Tyson, who is getting married this November; concrete stage
  • began fourth grade (psychosocial/cognative)

    I recall having an argument with my teacher, Mrs. Dearing, that there were five oceans rather than four. My argument was that the area around the Antarctic was also an independent ocean (the fictional “Antarctic Ocean”). She paused to consider this. Later (and perhaps completely unrelated to our oceans argument) my mother proudly relayed the teacher’s comment that I was her best all-around student;concrete stage
  • began fifth grade (psychosocial)

    concrete stage
  • learned to swim! (biosocial)

    I actually did not know how to swim until I was almost eleven years old! We were in Florida on vacation (so November is about the right time); concrete stage
  • began six grade (psychosocial/cognative)

    I attended a mathematics competition and was eliminated in the first round; concrete stage
  • graduated from Marshall Elementary School (psychosocial)

    concrete stage
  • began the seventh grade at Holmes Middleschool (psychosocial/cogantive)

    The school is named after the great jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes. I would not know it at the time but I would come to greatly admire Holmes while in lawschool; other than college, probably my greatest intellectual awakening (if brief) concrete/formal operations stage
  • future problem solving (cognative)

    Participated in a specialized social studies curriculum; interaction from this resulted in dating my first "girlfriend", though I was terrified to be around her after our relationship was made "official" (this was espeically problematic since we had lockers next to each other) concrete/formal operational stage
  • learned prealgrebra (cognative)

    I had a pretty good math teacher this year; concrete/formal operations
  • the Presidental election of 1988 (cognative/psychosocial)

    This was the first political process that I had followed closely; I vividly recall the election campaign (too bad for Dukakis and his rediculous tank photo opt!); concrete/formal operational stage
  • began the eighth grade (psychosocial)

    This was an especially problematic time and began a period that I now recall as the lost years (grades 8-10). For reasons that had nothing to do with academic potential and everything to do with adolescent misery, my grades began to slip. An especially inept school counselor that apparently did not know or care that all my courses had been advanced since the beginning of grade school suggested that I drop down from the most advanced ones to lesser advanced classes. This only served to isolate me
  • learned algebra (cognative)

    formal operations stage
  • graduated from Holmes Middle School (psychosocial)

    Though the eighth grade was hard, I have fond memories of Holmes... formal operations stage
  • Saddam invades Kuwait (psychosocial/cogantive)

    I recall watching this event on CNN and thinking that trouble was afoot; my nuclear annihilation fears were heightened. My sister's college age boyfriend seemed unconcerned… formal operations stage
  • began high school at Adlai Stevenson (psychosocial)

    I wouldn’t know it at the time, but this was a particularly well named school for me. Stevenson was known for his intellectual demeanor and fine oratory skills; he was a champion of liberal causes and appointed as ambassador to the United Nations by President Kennedy; formal operations stage
  • learned plane geometry (cognative)

    formal operations stage
  • growth spurt (biosocial)

    I had a growth spurt sometime around here. Unfortunately, I carried a very heavy tote bag on my right shoulder, leading to mild scoliosis and much physical pain in years to come (eventually best treated with daily yoga practice); formal operations stage
  • The Gulf War air campaign begins (psychosocial)

    It may seem strange that I list the Gulf War in my timeline but it was a formative event for me. I watched the bombing of Baghdad everyday (beginning the day before my fifteenth birthday) and carefully followed Bernard Shaw’s commentary from the embattled city. Once the outcome was clear in February, I was not longer concerned with the possibility of being drafted; formal operations stage
  • began the tenth grade (psychosocial/cognative or lack thereof)

    This was the final (and worst) of the "lost years", a period of isolation and dispair. Depression and obsessive compulsive disorder were both problems; I briefly tried medication that made me feel stoned (as I recall, during a particular math class). For one semester I had less than a 1.0 GPA (prior to the eighth grade I had mostly all A’s); formal operations stage
  • learned algebra 2 (cognative)

    formal operations stage
  • learned some molecular biology (cognative)

    Mr Fox was a fairly decent teacher; formal operations stage
  • learned to drive a car (biosocial/cognative/psychosocial)

    This was a strange experience. I attended two days of classes at Wolverine driving school (which consisted mostly of frightening images) plus two monitored driving sessions. This brief instruction in no way prepared me to safely operate a vehicle yet I was given a driver’s license... formal operations stage
  • began the eleventh grade (cognative/psychosocial)

    This was a turning point for me; my grades improved; I reestablished old relationships and made new friends; formal operations stage
  • learned trigonometry and some chemistry (cognative)

    formal operations stage
  • began playing paintball (biosocial)

    This hobby/sport began rather inauspiciously in Sub’s (where Dan I built “Ur”) backyard but continued until I was eventually traveling cross country for tournaments; formal operations stage
  • began the twelfth grade (psychosocial/cognative)

    My grades were not perfect (as they once had been) but continued to be much improved); formal operations stage
  • learned the Calculus and some Newtonian physics (cognative)

    I did not know this story at the time, but Newton developed the Calculus for his own edification, only to be discovered by one of this few close friends twenty years later!! formal operations stage
  • graduated from high school (psychosocial)

    Much to my surprise, the class valedictorian was my early grade school "best friend" Matt: formal operations stage
  • began freshman year of college (cognative/psychosocial)

    I entered the University of Michigan at Dearborn (the only school to which I had applied) without clear expectations. I thought perhaps that I might become an engineer. However, during the first semester I happened to have an introductory course in philosophy. That course shaped much of what was to come…
  • had a fencing class (biosocial)

    I did not stick with it but I really enjoyed the sword play
  • began sophomore year of college (cognative/psychosocial)

    I became reacquainted with a high school friend, Nicole; we spent a lot of time together and eventually dated for much of the next decade. This was my first real love interest…
  • had my first course, Ancient Philosophy, with professor Wider (cognative)

    In the ancient philosophy I was introduced to Plato; became interested in mathematics anew (I had despised math by this point) when I learned the story of Pythagoras and others developing their theorems; it was something of a surprise that math was invented or discovered like anything else! Also, a close reading of the "Rebublic" made me interested in jutice (and later, law school) eventually took five courses with professor Wider.
  • saw a "Man for All Searsons" in Stratford Ontario (psychosocial/cognative)

    This was a wonderful trip with Nicole and the play continued to make me interested in issues of justice and law.
  • began junior year of college (cognative/psychosocial)

    One of the best years of school (or life for that matter!)
  • had first class with Maureen Linker, Critical Thinking (psychosocial/cognative)

    I've listed psychosocial before cognitive because Maureen and I began a true mentor student/relationship that superseded any particular class; though I did learn a lot about logic, epistemology, feminism and science. I eventually took five courses with Maureen and we’re still good friends to this day!
  • had first course with Martin Hershock (cognative)

    You probably notice a pattern here with my notes; this professor is legendary at UMD and another really important influence
  • began senior year of college (cognative/psychosocial)

    One more year of college with good academic results; earned all A's (James B. Angell Scholar) and was the honors scholar in philosophy
  • stayed for one additional semester (psychosocial)

    Though I had enough credits to graduate, I delayed graduation for one more semester; could not psychologically let go of a good period
  • graduated from undergrad college (phychosocial)

    BA in philosophy with minors in history and political science (3.37 GPA; James B Angell Scholar; 1999 honors scholar in philosophy)
  • The millennium is upon us (psychosocial)

    thankfully we didn’t all die in a Y2k related apocalypse
  • begal law school at Wayne State University (cognative/psychosocial)

    It was apparent by the third day of class that I had made a mistake and that law school was not likely to be the academic experience that I had hoped for...
  • Bush vs Gore Presidental Election of 2000 (psychosocial)

    At the time I had no idea that this election would so radically alter the nation's path; the election itself and legal aftermath tested and strained the democratic process; the Supreme Court decision was one of the least cogent and most fractured decisions ever promulgated by the court; I recall staying up all night, witnessing the drama as first Gore, then Bush, then no one was declared to be the President elect
  • Bush vs Gore Presidential Election (psychosocial)

    At the time I had no idea that this election would so radically alter the nation's path; the election itself and aftermath tested and strained the democratic process; the Supreme Court decision
  • twenty five years old (biosocial)

    I'm vintage!! This should be about the end of emerging adulthood but I had a few years left in that domain
  • was very ill (biosocial)

    I believe that the strain of first year law school took its toll; I was forced to stay @ home for several weeks and drop two of my courses
  • began second year of law school (cognative/psychosocial)

    This year marked an improvement; took my first graduate class, Roman History, outside of the law school (one of my all time favorite classes)
  • the world blew up (psychosocial)

    World Trade Center attack (as if I needed to explain this date...) I recieved a call from my mother and watched the coverage on television (I was staying with Nicole); I tuned into the television coverage right before the first tower fell
  • took a good trip (psychosocial)

    Had a very positive vacation experience with Nicole; we drove to Wisconsin to visit some family members (including the cousin that taught me to play chess); used this experience to help decide that living together and sharing a life might not be such a bad idea
  • began third year of law school (cognative/psychosocial)

    Does the fun ever start? Acutally, this was probably the best year of law school (much more tolerable than the first year)
  • grandfather passed away (psychosocial)

    Grandpa was my hero and primary male role model; this was the first major death in my experience and possibly the first time I saw a dead body; I nearly dropped out of college (thinking that I would begin taking only graduate classes, instead of finishing up the law degree) but instead only dropped two courses; shook me ot my core
  • moved in with Nicole (psychosocial/biosocial)

    Nicole and I shared an apartment for the next three years; this began our "college marriage" and there was every expectation that actual marriage would follow
  • finished coursework at Wayne State (psychosocial)

    I would officially graduate 9 months later but (for the time being) I was finished with classes
  • "divorced" Nicole (psychosocial/biosocial)

    This marks the end of emerging adulthood for me (though I would soon be 28 years old!); the relationship was one of affection and learning though I was not prepared to care for a family
  • began work at the hospital (psychosocial/cognative)

    Though I was 28 years old, this was my first full time job; decided to work at the hospital because I liked the show "Scrubs"; the position was (and continues to be) menial but I learned to care for myself as an adult
  • thirty years old!! (biosocial)

    30 is the new 21
  • began dating Karolyn (psychosocial/biosocial)

    on her birthday
  • began practicing yoga (biosocial)

    I had suffered from back pain for many years; yoga helped alleviate the constant throbbing
  • decided to take the bar exam (psychosocial)

    Trying to get my life in order and finish what was started; law school had been six years prior so this was quite a challenge
  • took the bar exam (cognative)

    After four months of preparing, there were two days of agony… (but with a good result)
  • decided to apply for PA school (psychosocial)

    Began looking into physician assistant programs (this course is a prerequisite)
  • present day

    entries past this point are fictional
  • began the PA program (cognative/psychosocial)

    fictional (but I hope to be real)
  • married to Karolyn (psychosocial/biosocial)

    I'm ready to be married now
  • graduate from PA school (cognative/psychosocial)

    I can finally practice medicine, hurray!
  • daughter born (biosocial for Karolyn/psychosocial for me)

    Elizabeth (named after my mom)
  • forty years old!! (biosocial)

    Let's hope that I make it this far!
  • Karolyn turns forty!! (biosocial for her; psychosocial for me)

    We have a surpise "over the hill" party for her; she's happy. In fact, with the average life expectancy rising, forty isn't quite the halfway point of her projected lifespan
  • Elizabeth turns five! (biosocial for her, psychosocial for me)

    Turns out that she's really, really smart and really, really afraid of her own shadow... adorable!!
  • first day of school for Elizabeth (cognative for her; psychosocial for me)

    I'm mortified by this event but relieved when she runs back to Karolyn and myself for one more hug before walking into the unfamiliar
  • finally learned to speak Italian (cognative)

    My American accent is atrocious but I can sucessfully converse with the cheese monger in Naples
  • fifty years old!! (biosocial)

    White hair, starting to show my age but in good shape and near the height of my intellectual abilities; thankfully I still have enough energy to keep pace with Elizabeth.
  • Karolyn turns fifty!! (biosocial for her; psychosocial for me)

    Both of her children have graduated from college; Tyler played Hockey at Michigan Tech and graduated with a BS in engineering; Dylan earned a degree in performing arts from Columbia college in Chicago
  • Dylan premiers on Broadway!! (psychosocial)

    Karolyn's youngest son Dylan (currently 8 years old) loves to sing, dance and perform; he moves to New York and lands a key on Broadway's hotest musical, "The Miracle Men"
  • Karolyn becomes a grandmother!! (psychosocial; also biosocial for Tyler)

    Her oldest son, Tyler (nearly 30 years old), has a daughter, Kayla
  • Elizabeth is off to college (psychosocial for me; cognative for her)

    I hoped that we would hum "Hail to the Victors" but she was accepted to Brown on scholarship, so who am I to complain?
  • Karolyn retires (psychosocial)

    Lucky dog! Berger's text states that it is best for spouces to retire together but I decide to work on for a few more decades; this is only fair, however, since Karolyn started working when she was fourteen and I didn't have regular employment till I was twenty-eight!
  • sixty years old!! (wow, I'm really getting up there... biosocial)

    This age is nearly inconcievable to me; I hope to be in decent shape both cognatively and physiologically; Elizabeth is 19...
  • Karolyn turns 60! (biosocial for her; psychosocial for me)

    Happy in retirement, she cherishes her role as grandmother and continues to garden (often leading to culinary experiments!)
  • Elizabeth gets married!! (psychosocial)

    Out of college and on her way, Elizabeth marries her sweetheart, Jeff
  • I learn to play the mandolyn (cognative)

    Well, why not?
  • Karolyn turns seventy!! (biosocial for her; psychosocial for me)

    She's a proud mother and happy grandmother (but don't mess with her kitchen!!)
  • seventy years old!! (biosocial)

    A little arthritic but in surprisingly good health, I continue to work part-time as a PA and mediator; mostly I'm a happy grandfather to Joshua and Jessica
  • concerned about my memory (cognative)

    I keep forgetting my car keys; concerned, I head to the neurologist but (to my relief) I show no signs of cognative impairment
  • eighty years old!! (biosocial; cognative)

    The thought process is much slower now; physical movement take longer and require more effort but I still enjoy winding-wandering walks
  • Karolyn turns eighty!! (biosocial for her; psychosocial for me)

    On Thanksgiving and Christmas she cooks (with Elizabeth's help) for the extended family, making hand stuffed raviolis and other more traditional fair. Her garden is the envy of our neighborhood
  • playing chess better than ever!! (cognative)

    This is only true because I'm not particularly good but I hope that one day I'll have time to play daily; Tyler beats me all the time but tries to be a gracious winner
  • ninety years old!! (biosocial)

    I'm much slower cognatively and physiologically than I was ten years ago, but ninety is the new eighty and I continue to walk, talk and enjoy my family.
  • Karolyn turns ninety!! (biosocial for her; psychosocial for me)

    She's that favorite and funny great grandmother that everyone loves
  • passed away (biosocial/cognative/psychosocial)

    The age calculator predicted that I would make it to be 93 years old. Happily, I pass in my sleep. I'm survived by Karolyn, Elizabeth, Tyler, Dylan, Joshua, Jessica (and their children)