By kenpumo
  • Parents move to toledo OH from W Virginia for father to start a new job

  • born in Toledo OH

  • becoming more aware of physical environment, crawling and beginning to walk

  • develope strong attachment to mother

  • language skills develope well due to attentive, well educated mother and older sister

  • ride tricycle on the sidewalk

  • drive parents crazy asking why all the time

  • very limited exposure to TV and lots of time with mother help to establish a high level of self esteem

  • My teacher encourages my parents to sign me up for art classes at the art museum

  • play football on a comunity league, being kind of small I manage to tackle the quarterback by diving between the centers legs

  • Our family moves to Michigan

  • I get in the only fight of my life. I push another kid and split his head open. I vow never to fight someone again

  • small for my age and late to begin puberty

  • I decide I should not take Art class in high school so I can concentrate on college prep

    adolesence, cognitive
  • During a summer Enviromental Science course I am required to Keep a personal journal of my experiences.I am extremely judgemental of the proffessor's behavior and he writes "Take a walk in the woods"

    adolesent, psychosocial
  • Choose to go to W S U since they give me a merit scholarship

    emerging adulthood, cognitive
  • Beth anad I go on a ski trip up north

    emerging adulthood, biosocial
  • Beth and I marry instead of living together as planned because both sets of parents are so upset.

    emrging adulthood, psychosocial
  • Finally graduate from W S U after changing major four times

    emerging adulthood, cognitive
  • Jeff is born

    adulthood, psychosocial
  • I need to get eyeglasses.

    biosocial, adulthood
  • Beth and I move back to MI to care for dad with Alzheimers, Jeff stays in MT

    adulthood, psychosocial
  • begin classes to make a career change

    adulthood, cognitive
  • Retire as nurse in Boise Idaho

    psychosocial, late adulthood
  • My Alzheimers progresses to the point that Beth can not care for me and I enter assisted living

    late adulthood, biosocial
  • Testing proves I no longer recognize any of the people in my life and I lose the ability to feed myself

    late adulthood, cognitive
  • Euthanized as prearranged based on level of cognition