Life Span

By mafuchi
  • Prenatal & My Birth

    My mom smoked cigarettes, so I ended up being about 4 weeks early and a low birth weight baby. I came in at 5 pounds, 3 ounces, and 18 inches long. I also had feet that were out-turned, so later I needed braces on my shoes to straighten my legs out. My cognitive development as a fetus was normal, no syndromes or conditions and I had no real psychosocial development in the womb.
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    My First Two Years

    Although born premature, I grew up in a middle class home with a stay at home mom who fed me well and took good care of me. I grew normally and walked at 1 year of age. However, I had to wear braces on my shoes in order to straighten out my legs and feet. My language development was on time and age appropriate and I had healthy attachments to my parents and older siblings.
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    The Play Years

    During this time, I shared a room with my two brothers and we all got along and we were still a middle class family with a typical life. However, it was apparent, in retrospect, that my parents were not happy together...and although I was healthy and growing appropriately, their fighting was affecting me. My feet and legs had straightened out pretty well and I played and ran like all kids, but I can't sit with my legs crossed "Indian style" for more than 5 still hurts.
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    The School Years

    My parents got divorced during this time and we were no longer really middle class...we never had enough food in the house, we were on free lunch at school, and I was frequently hungry. My learning and cognitive levels were high. During this time I was measured with an IQ of 149. My behavior took a nose dive...I fought alot in school, was a class clown, and became very unhappy at home with my mom and older brother, who became abusive. I even ran away from home.
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    Puberty hit early, grew pubic hair in elementary, started shaving at age 12. This made it awkward, because I was the only kid in my grade who looked like a man! Of course...this led to my first "real" kiss when I was 13...Jackie Eastman was her name. Also had sex for the first time when I was 15. At this time I was in a "TAG" class and taking Algebra in 8th grade. It was also a time of great stress. I had acne as a teen and it affected my self confidence and self esteem.
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    Emerging Adulthood

    College was crazy! Lots of drinking and sex... I also played college football and was very fit and athletic. Took a class called Self and helped me develop more of a world view, along with my exposure to foreign was the first girl I fell in love with(Flory from Costa Rica). We never had sex...but we had such an intimate relationship for a year, then she went back home. We are still friends...20 years later. I also voted the first time (Bush)... 4 years later Clinton.
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    At 41, been married,divorced, no kids, a few gray hairs, and a few extra body is starting to betray me, but I insist on playing sports like I'm 21. When will I learn? I have become a very critical thinker and an exceptional problem choice, I've faced many problems up to this point in my life. I have a great relationship with my brother and his family(saw my nephew birthed), little contact with the rest. Disappointing,but I have good friends.
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    Aging and Old Age

    After a life of perpetual struggle and dreams unfulfilled, I will look back on my life and know several very real things. I made a difference in many kids' lives as a teacher. As a nurse/nurse practitioner, I will know that I have helped many people live healthier, more satisfying lives. As a brother, I have supported my brother and his family and enjoyed a lifetime of friendship with them. As an uncle and Godfather, I will have taught my niece and nephew how to be good people.
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    Old Age and Death

    I fear I will die a lonely and disappointed man. I don't feel I will grow old and die with dignity and grace. I am very disappointed with my life, many failures and dead ends. I will take solace in the good things, but there have been so many opportunities missed or lost. Few people will attend my funeral, as I have no children, wife, or many family members that I connect with.