My Timeline

By greg16
  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    Biosocial Development- I started in the germinal stage then went to the embryonic stage where my cell started to develop organs, then finally i went to the fetus stage where my brain begins to develop and so does my spine. My sex organ also starts to appear. Cognitive Development- Psychosocial Devlopment-
  • Infant (Birth-2)

    Biosocial Development- I was born at 8 lbs and 22 inches At 13 months I was sleeping through the night and I was able to some what talk and walk.
    Cognitive Development- During this time period I started to use my 5 senses and motor abilities to learn. I learned to talk to get things and I learned how to walk instead of only crawling.
    Psychosocial Development- I was big into biting things to learn about them. I also always had a pacifier in my mouth.
  • Toddler (2-3)

    Biosocial- By 27 months I had already tripled my birth weight and I now weighed around 25 pounds. I also was almost 3 feet tall.
    Cognitive Development- I was a big talker, I tried to talk as much as I could. I was always trying to pick up new words to use.
    Psychosocial- I was very self-sufficent by my toddler stage. I was potty-trained and was always walking aroun the house trying to explore.
  • Play Years (3-6)

    Biosocial- during this stage I learned to read and start to write. I also was about 45 ilbs and almost 3 1/2 feet tall. I also started sports during this stage.
    Cognitive- During this stage my imagination began to grow. I used to pretend my kitchen table was a space ship, and I had an imaginary friend.
    Psychosocial- During this stage I always wanted to help my parents do stuff. I wanted more responsibility.
  • School Years (7-11)

    Biosocial- During this period I was a very happy kid, had no worries. Liked playing sports with my friends outside, we would play all different sports all day long.
    Cognitive- I started to learn about math and science, but still couldn't wrap my head around ideas that talked about stuff that I couldn't hear, see, or touch.
    Psychosocial- I learned a lot of new skills during this stage, expsecially with sports. I began to play a lot of different sports and I was pretty good at all of them.
  • Adolescence (13-20)

    Biosocial- I hit puberty during this stage and I also hit a big growth spurt. I started high school weighing 110lbs and I was 5 feet tall, and I ended high school weighing 140 ilbs and I was 6 feet tall.
    Cognitive- During this stage I became a lot more interested in politics and what I wanted to do with my life. I started thinking about possible careers for myself.
    Psychosocial- During this stage I figured out who I really was. I started caring about politics and issues that occured around me.
  • Emerging Adulthood (21-35)

    Biosocial- I will be a very active and strong person, I will make sure I am working out and staying active as much as possible.
    Cognitive- By now I will have learned how to understand the emotions of others and how to help them. I will be able to use rational thought to help people with their emotional problems.
    Psychosocial- Hopefully I will have found a job that I really love and can stik with for the rest fo my life. Hopefully I will also still have a lot of my close friends.
  • Adulthood (35-50)

    Biosocial- I will start to notice some signs of ageing, I will try and stay ver yactive and fit thought because it is important to be healthy during this time of my life. I will also make sure I am eating healthy.
    Cognitive- I will make sure that I except that I am getting older and could be at the half point in my life. By doing this hopefully I will be able to avoid having a mid life crisis.
    Psychosocial- By this time in my life hopefully I will be married with kids.
  • Late Adulthood (50-88)

    Biosocial Develpment- I will still be living a very healthy lifestyle, I will try and play tennis at least 3 times a week and I will eat very healthy.
    Cognitive Development- I will still have a pretty good memory and sense of judgment. I will understand that I am getting older and I will not try and fight it.
    Psychosocial Develpment- By this time in my life I will hopefully be retired and have grandchildren.
  • Death and Dying (88-90)

    Biosocial Development- Even though it is my last couple of years alive hopefully I will still be healthy and have a pretty good memory.
    Cognitive Development- I will still have a pretty good memory and judgment. I will be able to understand what is going on around me and still make good judgments.
    Psychosocial Development- I will understand that these are the last couple years of my life and I will try and live them very happily. I will hopefully have grandchildren by now who are very healthy.