The Life Span of Lori

  • Birthday

    Biosocial - Born two weeks overdue, no complication vaginal delivery, weighed 9lbs 10oz and 24 inches in lenght 90% percentile for weight and 95% percentile for height, bottle fed from birth, Went home to both parents and two older sisters.
  • The First Two Years - Biosocial

    began walking at nine months
  • The First Two Years - Cognitive

    At nine months started talking.
  • The First Two Years - Psychosocial

    Close attachment with mother. Very close and protective. When mom was pregnant with younger sister would question doctors and nurses to make sure they weren't hurting her.
  • Play Years - psychosocial

    baby sister is born. Loose some of the attachment to my mom and look for it in my oldest sister.
  • Play Years - cognitive

    Started reading at 5 years old
  • Play Years - biosocial

    moved to the 50% percentile for weight and 75% for height
  • School Years - Cognitive

    Won the first grade spelling bee
  • School Years - psychosocial

    Bullied by third grade teacher, followed by peers
  • School Years - Biosocial

    Daignosed with ADD and prescribed Ritalin, stopped taking it after two weeks
  • Adolescence - biosocial

    Puberty begins started menstrating and growing breast
  • Adolescense - Pschosocial

    Dressed in clothes that were my fashion. Gave up on trying to fit in instead focused on standing out.
  • Adolescence - Cognitive

    Snuck out of house in the middle of the night to meet up with friends. Walked through the streets without thinking of what could happen.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial

    Went to first Rave. Stayed sober and took care of friends. Had fun dancing.
  • Emergin Adulthood - Cognitive

    Abandoned christianity and started to study all religions and how they can co exist.
  • Emerging Adult - Psychosocial

    Met my future husband at a friends wedding
  • Adulthood - Psycosocial

    I married my best friend.
  • Adulthood - Biosocial

    My first baby is born. A week overdue, 9lbs 10oz completely natural childbirth and she was breastfed until 16 months.
  • Adulthood - Biosocial

    My baby boy was born 9lbs 6oz. Completely natural childbirth. He had meconium staining and was taken to the NICU. We were united 6 hours later and he was fine. Brestfed until 14 months.
  • Adulthood - Biosocial

    Baby boy was born. Again a natural childbirth. Completely healthy 8lbs 8oz. Breastfed until 14 months.
  • Adulthood - Cognitive

    Start College again working towars a Masters in Social Work
  • Late Adulthood Biosocial

    Extremely healthy, exercise 5 days a week, enjoy biking and hiking, eat a mainly vegetarian diet and babysit my grandkids. In the normal range for BMI and blood work shows all levels within normal range.
  • Late Adulthood Cognitive

    Take a class to advance my guitar playing. Join a band, play guitar and sing in the band. Give advice to my children and grandchildren on the importance of life and how to live it to the fullest.
  • Late Adulthood Psychosocial

    Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii with our children, grandchildren, and friends.
  • Death and Dying

    Husband dies at age 110 in his sleep at our assisted living home after a full day of birthday celebration with family and friends.
  • Death and Dying

    Died in my sleep at age 120 after trick or treating with my family. Halloween was always my favorite.