Events in the Life of Samantha Waara

  • Prenatal and Birth

    Biosocial: born in Dearborn, Michigan; natural birth; 7lbs 3oz; 18in; breastfed Cognitive:brain development Psychosocial:parent-infant bond;begins with parents, siblings, and close relatives
  • First Two Years

    Biosocial: 3 months-rolling over, 6 months-sitting up,12 months- crawling then walking and feeding self, 16 months-toilet training,24 months-running and using silverware to feed self Cognitive: 5 months-babbling, 9 months-first words "ma-ma" and "da-da",19 months-starting to talk a lot more and learning names Psychosocial:12 months-secure attachment
  • Play Years (ages 2-6)

    Biosocial:age 3-riding a tricycle, age 4-dressing self, brushing teeth, brushing hair, age 5-riding a bike Cognitive: age 5-kindergarten, begin to count, read, and write, age 6-first grade, telling time, and getting better at reading Psychosocial:age 2-playing with dolls, age 4-first best friend, introduce new sibling into the family, age 5-playing house and with barbie dolls,
  • School Years (ages 7-11)

    Biosocial: age 7-playing outside games with the neighborhood kids, age 10- ice skating lessons, age 11- puberty begins Cognitive: age 7- reading very well, age 8- writing in cursive, performing simple math Psychosocial-age 11- babysitting for close cousin in the family, playing clarinet in the school band
  • Adolescence (ages 12-18)

    Biosocial:age 12- braces on teeth Cognitive: age 14-begin highschool and take more complex classes, age 16- advanced placement classes, age 17- graduate highschool (23rd in class of over 400) Psychosocial:age 14-confirmation, age 16-driving, greive the loss of grandmother, age 17- get first boyfriend and fall in love, age 18- get a tattoo, been dating boyfriend for a year and get a promise ring
  • Emerging Adulthood (ages 18-25)

    Biosocial:age 18-become comfortable with self and begin to accept who I am Cognitive:age 18-begin college, have to make many decisions, age 21-graduate from college Psychosocial:age 18-make many new friends at college, age 21-start the real world and gets a job as a registered nurse, move in with boyfriend, and get engaged
  • Adulthood (ages 25-65)

    Biosocial:age 24- get married, age 27-births first child, age 29-births second child,age 47- slight crow's feet, age 51-menopause Cognitive:age 25- goes back to school and graduates as a certified midwife, age 45-still working and has delivered many babies Psychosocial:age 55- has empty nest syndrome, retires and moves to irish hills with husband, age 62-grandmother
  • Late Adulthood (age 65 and over)

    Biosocial: age 65+-starts to exercise to keep healthy, age 80-stops driving, and begins using a cane Cognitive: age 67-guest speaks at colleges about working as a nurse, age 81- decline in short-term memory Psychosocial:age 65+-spends time with kids and grandkids, volunteers at the hospitals, age 78-loses spouse, moves back to southgate,michigan to be with kids, age 78+-grieves the loss of spouse
  • Death

    age 85-dies in sleep, cremated and buried next to spouse