Timeline Final Project

Timeline created by amays5645
  • Birth

  • o Cognitive First Two Years-Remembering usual routines of dinner as I wasn't fond of the smashed peas

  • o Biosocial First Two Years-By this time I was off milk and on Karo syrup and water

  • o Cognitive First Two Years- First Spoken Words

  • o Psychosocial First Two Years-At the point I strongly preferred female baby sitters or cling to my sisters friends.

  • o Psychosocial First Two Years-I was told I used to climb in the car seat when I was reready to be changed

  • Play Years

  • o Cognitive - On my way to preschool, finding out that my security blanket wasn't coming with me.

  • o Cognitive-First schoolgirl crush

  • o Psychosocial- I found out that kids should pick things up at the store

  • o Biosocial-The nightmare of asthma begins!