Birth to Heaven Timeline

By pym
  • Happy Birthday to me!

    I was a normal pregnancy, easy labor and vaginally delivered, very healthy at 7 lbs. A few days hospital stay was normal during this time before I went home to meet my big brother.
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    Birth to Heaven Timeline

    Happy Birthday to me!
  • Biosocial Development - First Two Years

    I was a great sleeper and exclusively breast feed for the first 6 months, attended regular pediatrician well-checks, was vacinnated and showed regular height and weight in the 50th percentile. All five senses, reflexes, fine and gross motor skills all developed age appropriate during this period.
  • Cognitive Development - First Two Years

    My big brother encouraged non-stop affordance development. Sensory awareness, immediate motivation, current development, past experience, as well as, repetition, memory and language are all developmental areas challenged on a daily basis with an older sibling.
  • Psychosocial Development - First Two Years

    Mom did not work out of the home and was the primary care-giver. I was raised through proximal parenting with lots of love that lead to strong parental relationships and a developed working model.
  • Biosocial - Play Years

    I had a regular routine and enjoied most foods. Gross motor skills, muscle control, brain maturation and fine motor skills continued continued to develop as proven through my enrollement in numerous activities.
  • Cognitive - Play Years

    Did not attend pre-school, started kindergarden at age 6 with normal grammar, language and vocabulary development. One language was learned during this time. I was raised with firm discipline, but definately no child abuse.
  • Psychosocial - Play Years

    Emotionally I was very quiet. My parents were authoritarian and used spanking and grounding as the two forms of disciipline.
  • I'm a big sister now

  • First day of school

  • Biosocial - The School Years

    Normal physical growth, no health problems and involved in physical activities, such as gymnastics and dance progressing in ability as brain maturity developes with better reaction times and self control. No special needs to address.
  • Cognitive - The School Years

  • Psychosocial - The School Years

    I had a nice group of friends and trouble with one class bully during this time. My family was very supportive getting to know the family of the bully. The problem was improved through family support and stability.
  • Biosocial - Adolescence

    Most of my friends were experimenting with sex and drugs during this time. I experimented with smoking, one time and fortunately did not like it. I never tried anything again.
  • Cognitive - Adolescence

  • Psychosocial - Adolescence

    Friends and boy-friends were very important in order to fit in. During times without a bor-friend I felt very pressured and depressed. I never broke the law as I was afraid of the consequences.
  • Biosocial - Emerging Adulthood

    All of my friends were having sex and experimenting with drugs on a regular basis. Peer pressure was non-stop to fit in. I was very focused on healthy habits and exercise.
  • Cognitive - Emerging Adulthood

    I spent time experiencing other religions, but eventually came back to my original family beliefs. I planned on continued education, but was unsure of a field of study.
  • Psychosocial - Emerging Adulthood

    I was working and attending community college. I had a few really close friends and a boy-friend wanting to marry. I felt very confident overall but did not marry.
  • Wedding

  • Cognitive - Adulthood

    Academic and practical intelligence is most important.
  • Psychosocial - Adulthood

    Rewarding relationship with husband, family & friends.
  • Biosocial - Adulthood

    Excellent health
  • Start of Second Career

    Started Respiratory Therapy program
  • RRT graduate!

    End of two year program.
  • First job as an RRT

    Hired in at Providence Hospital as an RRT.
  • 1st Daughter's 1st Birthday!

  • 2nd Daughter's Birthday!

  • Divorced

  • I plan to meet my solemate :)

  • Late Adulthood - Cognitive

  • Psychosocial - Late Adulthood

    Enjoying retirement!
  • Late Adulthood - Biosocial

    I'm gonna be "young-old"
  • I join my parents in heaven

    I pass away in my sleep at age 93.