My Journey to Become a Teacher

By abarger
  • Graduate High School

    I graduate high school unsure of my life direction. Favorite subjects: History and foreign language
  • College bound

    Entered Cedarville University as a Spanish major, switched to History after learning Spanish would take me six years!
  • Ready to teach...I think.

    After four years of study, I graduate with a license to teach. I decide to stay in Ohio and look for a job. yikes.
  • The dreaded job search

    I spend 16 months looking for that elusive first job. After applying to 45 school systems and working 4 part time jobs, I decide Ohio is not for me.
  • A teacher plus 1..

    I get married to another teacher! My new wife, Danielle, and I are BOTH unemployed teachers. We decide to leave Ohio for the great state of Virginia to take a job offer.
  • My first position...

    Start my first year as a full time teacher at Greenbrier Christian Academy. I will stay there for two great years, getting some much needed experience.
  • Starting the Masters

    I begin the long road to earninga Masters degree in Instructional Design And Technology from ODU.
  • I will "stand and deliver"

    I decide I can "make a difference" in an urban/low income public middle school. I spend two awful years getting valuable experience. Then I bail...
  • Begin National Board Certification...

    I attempt to balance teaching, Masters studies, and National Board certification. Big mistake.
  • A free agent...

    I resign from the urban system after completing my second year. I risk unemployment in order to find a better system. And boy do I luck out...
  • Begin first year at Kempsville High School

    I am loving the VA Beach experience!
  • Earn National Board Certification

    Rough but worth it.
  • Graduate with Masters from ODU

    Tough, but worth it.
  • 21century Eteacher

    Begin eteacher courses. So far so good.
  • Begin PhD

    I just began the looooong journey to a PhD in Curriculum and Technology from the College of William and Mary. Who knows what the future holds...