Photo 10

Developmental Timeline

  • Period: to

    Developmental Lifespan

  • Fetal Interaction (cognitive)

    My parents would talk to and read to me in the womb, throughout pregnancy.
  • Prenatal Vitamins Taken by Mother (biosocial)

    taken throughout pregnancy
  • Born!

  • Family at Hospital (psychosocial)

    My grandparents and some on my aunts and uncles came to the hospital for my birth!
  • First Steps (biosocial)

  • First Words (cognitive)

  • Seperation Anxiety (psychosocial)

    When I started going to day care I would get upset and cry when my mom first dropped me off.
  • Egocentrism (cognitive)

    My parents noted that I was focused on simply what I knew and could see and that whatever I did not know or couldn't see did not seem to exist to me.
  • Ballet (psychosocial)

    Started to take ballet classes, even though I did not enjoy them very much, becasue all of my girl friends were doing it. I thought that since it was what oter girls did I should do it too (gender roles).
  • Rode Bicycle (biosocial)

  • Began Gymnastics (biosocial)

  • First Communion (psychosocial)

  • Reading Level (cognitive)

    Classifies as an above high school reading level
  • Puberty (biosocial)

    growth spurt and further body development
  • First Relationship (psychosocial)

    First real relationship where I felt I was in love!
  • Graduate High School (cognitive)

  • Health (biosocial)

    Making sure eating and exercise habits are heealthy so that diabetes (which runs in family) hopefully will not appear
  • Faith Stages (cognitive)

    Moving up to the fourth or fifth level on the faith stage
  • Love (psychosical)

    Hopefully in a loving committed relationship, discussing the possibility of marriage with my significant other
  • Marriage (psychosocial)

    Hopefully will get married around this time!
  • Menopause (biosocial)

  • Fluid Decrease, Crystallized Increase (cognitive)

    Intelligence changes, and fluid intelligence will decrease and crystallized intelligence will hopefully increase to a certain point
  • Retirement (psychosocial)

  • Vision and Hearing Problems (biosocial)

    May need a hearing aid and an increase in glasses perscrpition strength.
  • Life Review (cognitive)

    Deep though and increase of knowledge when it comes to religion and family members (including children and my children's children).
  • Memory Problems (cognitive)

    May start to have problems with memory when hitting this age and stage in life.
  • Acceptance of Death (psychosocial)

    I hope to have come to the conclusion that I accept my fate and that I have set my affairs in order and can spend my last few months with my family.
  • Death (biosocial)