The life of Michelle Maguire

  • Stress level of my mom

    Prenatal - Birth: Psychosocial Development My mother's stress level would probably be moderately high at this point, because she just got married and is already 5 months pregnant. Although she has never admitted this to me, I am going to project my thoughts as her own because if I were her, I would have been stressed out.
  • My mom sings to me in utero

    Prenatal - birth: Cognitive Development My mother is very attentive to me in her womb; she says she played me songs and talked and read to me a lot.
  • Health of my mother

    Prenatal- Birth: Biosocial Development Considering my mother is only 23 years old at this point, she is quite healthy and remains so throughout her pregnancy with me.
  • The day I was born

  • Sleep through the night - age 6 months.

    Biosocial Development - the First Two Years
  • First word - dada -age 9 months

    Cognitive Development - the First Two Years
  • Separation Anxiety - age 10 months

    Psychosocial Development - The First Two Years I became upset when my father left for the day, and cried the entire time he was gone. Upon his return, I was again a happy kid.
  • Age 5 - tie my shoes

    Biosocial Development - the Play Years My babysitter taught me to tie my shoes by first practicing with a string around a styrofoam ball.
  • Begin Young 5's - age 5

    Cognitive Development - The Play Years I started the Young 5's program for school because the kindergarten counselor thought I was too shy to start kindergarten.
  • Fighting over coloring - age 6

    Psychosocial Development - The Play Years I remember getting very agitated with my cousin because she always wanted to be doing what I was doing, and I remember one particular time I got mad at her for wanting to color on the same page of the coloring book as I was on.
  • Begin playing sports - age 8

    Biosocial Development - The School Years In second grade I joined my first soccer team.
  • Love for books and reading - age 7

    Cognitive Development - The School Years It was approximately 2nd or 3rd grade when I developed a love for reading. It lasted for quite awhile, as I still have most of the books that I read back then, and I could probably start my own library with them!
  • Learn to appreciate grades in school - age 7

    Psychosocial Development - the School Years I remember getting my first C; in penmanship in 2nd grade from Sr. Angelicia.
  • Menarche - age 11

    Biosocial Development - Adolescence I got my first period the night before my 12th birthday. I was having a sleepover birthday party at the time and I remember running to the bathroom every 15 minutes.
  • Peer Pressure - age 13

    Psychosocial Development - Adolescence This was the year that almost all my friends and I had tried smoking. Once one person did it, we all had to in order to still be "cool,"
  • Egocentrism - age 14

    Cognitive Development -Adolescece I remember becoming very aware of myself and what other people thought about me, and worried about it almost incessantly.
  • Begin college - age 19

    Cognitive Developmet Emerging Adulthood This was the year I started college. It was an eye-opening experience, being exposed to so many people of so many different backgrounds and personalities. It was tough to get through, but I'm glad I did.
  • Begin running - age 20

    Biosocial Development - Emerging Adulthood This was when I began to apprciate running. I had never liked to run before, but at this point I didn't feel like I was getting much of a workout doing anything else. I have run off and on since then but this was when it started.
  • Romance and Relationships - age 21

    Psychosocial Development - Emerging Adulthood I had had several relationships by this point that I thought would last forever, but I eventually figured out what it was that I wanted and needed in a mate. It was more about compatibility than it was about the fear of being alone.
  • Emotional Intelligence - age 25

    Adulthood: Cognitive Development I began to realize that who we are is not just based on our own decisions. I got married on this day and it was apparent to me that my husband is the way he is because of his family life growing up. His personal relationships with his step-dad shaped a lot of who he is today, in both good and bad ways.
  • The Aging Process - age 25

    Adulthood: Biosocial Development I'm pretty sure this was around the time I began to question whether or not I had "crow's feet" by my eyes. I was pretty distraught there for awhile but decided all I could do was treat them with "anti-aging" cream for now and try to prevent further damage!
  • Social Clock - age 27

    Adulthood: Psychsocial Development This was the day my first son was born, and at this point I had it in my head that it would be in my best interest to be done having children by the time I was 30 years old because I didn't want to be an "old mom."
  • Explicit Memory - age 77

    Late Adulthood: Cognitive Development Although I am getting older, I still have my explicit memory in tact. I feel that this is because I take good care of myself and have done so for quite awhile. Also my grandmother still had excellent memory at this age, so I think it may also be because of genetics.
  • Social Compensation - Driving - age 77

    Late Adulthood: Biosocial Development This is the age I decided to not drive anymore. Whether or not I was capable of doing a good job, or whether my kids thought I should still drive or not was irrelevant to me. I felt the risk was greater than the benefit.
  • Identity Theory - age 80

    Late adulthood: Psychosocial Development This is when I struggle with "who I am." I like to think I am still the same person I was 60 years ago, just a little more wrinkley.
  • Death - Natural Causes - age 95

    Biosocial Development: Death - Natural Causes Since I never got to give birth on Halloween, I figured it would be a good day to "meet my maker." It has always been my favorite holiday and now no one will ever forget it!
  • Death - What am I thinking? Age 95

    Cognitive Development I'm thinking that I hope that my faith doesn't waiver at this point and that there really is a Heaven! And I hope to see some people I love up there. And I hope some people miss me when I'm gone.
  • Death - Who I feel I'll be with - age 95

    Psychosocial Development I think that I'll probably be alone, in my bed, except for my pet cats. Not that I turned into the crazy cat lady, but I'm sure my husband will have already passed and I think I'd be in good enough health to be able to live alone and at my home instead of in an assisted living environment. And I truly love kitties so I expect to have at least one.