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Ponds Reformed Church

By ksobko
  • The Beginning

    The Ponds Reformed Church opens when 10 families of Dutch settlers start a village in an area near the Ramapo River. The first building is a log cabin.
  • Period: to

    Ponds Through the Years

  • Second Church Opens

    The second building to house the Ponds Reformed Congregation opens in early 1740. It is a hexagonal stone structure.
  • Ramapo Reformed Church

    As Ponds grows, people begin to branch out and form there own congregations in nearby areas. The first was the Ramapo Reformed Church in Mahwah.
  • Independence Day

    Independence Day
    The Declaration of Independence is adopted by the thirteen colonies, declaring them free of British rule.
  • Courthouse

    British troops burned down the county court house in Hackensack. Colonists moved any pertinent documents that survived the fire to the Ponds Reformed Church.
  • Wyckoff Reformed Church

    More congregants leave to form the Wyckoff Reformed Church. This congregation still operates today.
  • Third Church Opens

    The third building opens. According to Reverend Nathan Busker it is a traditional-looking building.
  • Seceding the Union

    Seceding the Union
    With the election of Abraham Lincoln as president, seven Southern states deem it necessary to secede from the United States, thus beginning the Civil War.
  • Fire at church

    Ponds Reformed Church has a fire. The church remains open, but many important documents are destroyed.
  • World War I

    World War I
    Congress declares war on German, thus entering WWI.
  • Danger! Danger!

    Attendance drops and the church votes to close. A few dedicated congregants fight to keep the church open.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese navy attacks the United States Naval Base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This resulted in America entering WWII and was dubbed as "a date which will live in infamy" by President Franklin Roosevelt.
  • Current Building Opens

    The building that now houses the congregation opened it's doors for the first time.
  • Civil Rights

    Ponds is at the forefront of integration in Oakland.
  • Female Minister

    Ponds went against the grain of the denomination and hired a female minister, the first in the area.
  • Reverend Busker Arrives

    Reverend Nathan Busker is hired by the Ponds congregation. He is the 53rd applicant for the job.
  • Tercenntenial Celebration

    Ponds Reformed Church turns 300!!!