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  • First Spyro Game!!!

    First Spyro Game!!!
    I was 4 years old and i loved to play video games. The only game i had at the time was a spiderman game which was getting boring. My mom walked in the house from work and called me in the kitchen. she gave me a wierd look and handed me a game and i didnt know what it was. i tried it out and it was really good, and to this day i will never forget the name of that game.... SPYRO THE DRAGON!!!
  • Kindergarden!!!

    I whent into the doors of my elementry school with a shy look on my face. I hid behind my mother the entire time. we whent to the attendance office and she talked to the teacher. I almost peed my pants!!!! i was so scared, my mom helped me through it though.
  • First Star Wars Movie

    First Star Wars Movie
    It was my 6th b day party and i was super excited. I was hoping for the best birthday ever. I had got alot of stuff already and my mom had 1 more thing to give me. she gave me myb first Star Wars movie and when i watched it i was suddenly sucked in and to this day i still watch those movies!! ask anyone i know, im still inlove with Star Wars!
  • My first book

    My first book
    I never like reading until i was dforced to read in my middle school year. I got Hooked when my english class had to read a book about the halocost. it was a breath taking thirller and from then on i havent stopped reading. That book set the stage for many books i would read in the near future.
  • Broke My Index Finger

    Broke My Index Finger
    Me and my brother were wrestling on our top bunk bed and we were getting out of control. We started to get really rough. He started to threaten to throw me off the top bunk if i didnt stop but i kept going anyways. I kept hitting him in the ribs and finally he got tired of me, he picked me up and through me off the bed. I flipped in mid-air and landed right on my index finger and it was broke. i couldnt stop crying, my mom took me to the hospital and i got a splint for it.
  • My Mom passes away

    My Mom passes away
    We were at a spring mill out of town. we were having so much fun with our whole family. My mom look alive and well and i would have never figured she would die soon. It was time to go to bed and we fell asleep. It was quiet until about 2am when we all woke up with my sister screaming that mom fell over and wouldnt wake up. Me and my brother stayed in the room while dad and my sister whent to check on mom. the ambulances cam and they tried to help but......she was gone.