5 Year Success Plan

  • set up studio time for everyday anytime use

    set up studio time for everyday anytime use
    This will give access to recording for anytme use soth at work can always get completed.
  • Period: to

    Stay in the studio creating more projects

    This will make the company a machine that always supplies quality prodiuction.
  • Begin work on Mix- tapes and

    This will consist of recording numerous songs
  • Period: to


    This will consist of getting contact info from all public venues and radio station that play music genre that my company participates in.
  • Period: to

    Invest in merchandise for product revenue sales

    This will be a good investment so my company can start seeing money.
  • Copyright all works completed.

  • Set up showa and events for multple exposure

    At these events I will sell my merchandise and perform my hesrt out.
  • Sell merchandise at public events

    This will help revenue for marketing and promoting all works already completed
  • Release mixtape

    This will show all my fans how hard I have been working
  • Begin work on more projects

  • Use revenue to promote products

    This will guarantee the fan access to all new works and events.