5 technologies of a computer

  • 3-d Printer

    3-d Printer
    Was first invited by Chuck Hull which allowed you to design something on a computer and then have it made into a 3d in real life.
  • Macbook

    Invented by Steve Jobs and Apple it was a way to have a computer mobile that you take anywhere and do work and accomplish your tasks wirelessly instead of only at an office or at home.
  • iPhone

    Inventor: Steve Jobs/Apple
    One of the first phones that had a digital screen, built in gps and other streaming services that you have access to without buttons.
  • Bluetooth earbuds

    Bluetooth earbuds
    Created by the company Onkyo. They came out with the first ear buds that connected to your phone with no wires that allowed you to listen to your music.
  • Apple Vision Pro

    Apple Vision Pro
    Created by apple it was invited to have an augmented reality headset that allows you to varies tasks in a fake reality that looks very realistic.