Psych Project Timeline

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    My Life

  • Kelly's first attempt at a day care center.

    When i was a baby, my mom attempted to put me in a daycare center for the day while she went out with friends. After a day out, she came back to a traumatized child with scratch marks on her sides from trying to escape from the daycare lady. The attachment bond I had to my mom as a child was so strong and is still. This bond is studied in psychosocial development in the first two years of a child's life.
  • Kelly walks on her own.

    I finally started walking on my own without any help on my first birthday. This correlates with biosocial development in the first two years because this type of development looks at body changes, brain development, and senses and motor skills.
  • Kelly starts talking, and talking, and talking.

    My mom said a few months after my first birthday I started the word explosion phenomenom. This is very early for a typical child, but I always had something to say apparently. Cognitive development looks at information processing and language in babies in the first two years of their lives.
  • Kelly rides a tricycle

    Around the time I was three, I was able to pedal a tricycle and fly around the streets with the neighbor kids. The motor skills I began learning during my play years correlates with biosocial development.
  • Kelly begins pre-school.

    I started pre-school when I was three years old. Here, I learned many skills from the other children, with adult supervision around as well. This is cognitive development.
  • Kelly gets her first American Girl Doll

    I always had dolls and Barbies growing up, but one year for Christmas, I got my first American Girl Doll This ties in with psychosocial development because during the play years, children are establishing their roles as boys and girls with the toys they play with and so forth.
  • Kelly's first dance classes

    I started dancing when I was four. I continued for 13 years after that. This ties in with biosocial development in the school years.
  • Kelly starts french lessons

    I began learning french as a second language at a young age. Unfortunately, I did not keep up with it but I did learn enough to have a casual conversation. This ties in with cognitive development.
  • Kelly joins Peer Mediation

    In elementary school, we had a group called Peer Mediation. Here, students helped other students mediate conflicts such as bullying and being picked on. Although I was not bullied, I was around other students going through the issue and was able to help them. Seeing this helped the growth in my psychosocial development through my school years.
  • Kelly gets her first zie

    I got my first zit around age 9. The hormonal changes my body was going through started puberty.
  • Kelly enters the 6th grade.

    I entered middle school around this time. My better thinking, and emotional thought started developing more around this time.
  • Kelly enters high school

    Around this time i entered high school. Here, I learned about sexual acitivity, peer pressure, and relationships.
  • Kelly starts a better lifestyle

    Around this time is when I began my healthier lifestyle. My grandmother just died and realized I needed to change things in my life
  • Kelly takes the ACT

    I took the ACT in school to determine where I rank amongst my fellow students. This is an example of cognitive development in adulthood.
  • Kelly smokes cigarettes

    Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of smoking. I started young and on my eighteenth birthday, it just made it easier to buy the tobacco product I am addicted to.
  • Kelly is off to college

    I apply to many colleges in Michigan, including Schoolcraft College. I am accepted to all but I choose Schoolcraft out of all of them. Here, I see how the late night studying and homework assignments allow me to receive good grades.
  • Kelly ends a year long relationship

    I ended a one year relationship in hopes of bettering myself for the best. This is the stage in my life where I see how relationships affect your lifestyle.
  • I find out one of my relatives are gay.

    One of my cousin's recently came out as gay. However it was not a surprise to the family. This is an example of psychological development in adulthood.
  • Kelly's family friend goes through a divorce

    Unfortunately, a close family friend is facing a divorce with his wife of 10 plus years. It is hard to see this happen to our friend, but it is a life lesson for this adult.
  • Kelly starts to wisen up

    Although I am at a very young stage in my adulthood, I am beginning to wise up and see what needs to be done in order for my to live the best life possible.
  • Kelly gets Botox

    By now, I probably will have a few wrinkles. However, I will be one of those people to give into society and go through botox treatments and whatever else to keep my youthfulness. This is an example of biosocial development in late adulthood.
  • Kelly retires.

    I plan on being retired around this time and begin the rest of my life living with extra freedom to do as I choose. This is an example of psychological development in late adulthood.
  • Kelly gets dementia.

    Here, I will be older in age and begin my downhill journey in life. I may end up with dementia like many other older people, but who knows. This is an example of cognitive development in late adulthood.
  • Kelly dies at an old age.

    I plan on living my life to the fullest and dying at a very old age. This is death and dying.