15 things of First Nations Units

  • Period: Jan 1, 1300 to

    First Nations

  • Feb 22, 1300

    The Clokus Style was from 16000 years ago

  • Feb 22, 1300

    13500 B.C. man was established only 13 500 years ago to arrive to America.

  • Feb 22, 1390

    Terrible drought had ruined farmland of Meso America

  • Feb 22, 1534

    Caertier's first voyage

  • Champlain was building habitants and doing fur trades in Quebec between 1608 and 1635.

  • The frenchcame into contact with the Algonquians of the northeast at somewhere in the early 1600's.

  • An institutional form of land distribution and occupation established in NEW FRANCE in 1627.

  • Champlain died in Quebec. 1635

  • King Louis created a province called New France.

  • French required peaceful relations with aboriginals prior to 1759

  • Military officer at Québec City to 14 Sept 1759. Defeated by the English at the Batlle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759.

  • Royal Proclamation signed in 1763 (important to aboriginals)

  • Residential schools are usually considered part of the assimilative policies that the Canadian government directed at native peoples from the 1880s onward.

  • The Clokus Style was from 16000 years ago

  • "First Nations" first used by the Assembly of First nations in 1980