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Johann Sebastian Back

  • Birthday

    I was born in Eisenach. I was the youngest child of Johann Ambrosius Bach, who was also a musician like me, and my mother Maria Elisabetha
  • Very sad day

    Very sad day
    My father died at the age of 49. I moved in with my brother who soon after taught me how to read music.
  • Happiest day of my life

    Happiest day of my life
    On this day I married my cousin Maria Barbara Bach. Her and I had 7 kids.
  • Beginning of an amazing career

    Beginning of an amazing career
    On this day I got my first job as an organ player. It was my first job as a musician.
  • My First Baby

    My First Baby
    I had a baby girl, One of many. I had a total of 20 children.
  • Most Famouse piece

    Most Famouse piece
    I was promoted to Concert Master at Weimar, where I composed "Toccatas" and some of my finest organ music.
  • Head Concert Master!!!!

    Head Concert Master!!!!
    This is my first concert job. I have become the leader of a concert that many people will come and watch.
  • Death of First wife

    Death of First wife
    Yes my cousin has passed away...Very Sad.
  • Got married again!!!!

    Got married again!!!!
    Got married to my second wife who was not my cousin named Anna Magdalena Wilcke. I had 13 kids with her... VERY NICE!!!!
  • DAY I DIE!!!!

    DAY I DIE!!!!
    Yes now I am dead.
  • Where I am today

    Where I am today
    31 July I was buried at St John's cemetery in Leipzig... My death ended the Baroque period.