By bbta220
  • The day I was born

  • I starting crawling

  • My first words

  • I moved into my first house

  • The day I met my first bestfriend

  • The first time I started school

  • I learned how to ride my bike

  • I got in a car accident

  • I became an aunt

  • The first time I broke my arm

  • My first laptop

  • First time I took the TAKS test

  • The first time I went out of state

  • My first group I was in (Jelsheeq)

    It was a group with my friends and I and we combined the letters of our names together to make "Jelsheeq"
  • My first road trip to Sea World

  • My first time at the beach

  • My first cellphone

  • I graduated Elementary School

  • My first day of Junior High

  • When I first turned 13