Timeline of sharley's lifespan

By goodgod
  • Prenatal Development

    All organs develop , fetal development
  • Birth

    Sharley Born
  • The first two years

    Biosocial Development: Able to cry, Smile. All senses developed, Shy and fear around strangers, Walked at age one
    Cognitive ; Imitate facial gestures, Babbling, Indentify mothers voice, Explores objects
    psychosocial;Attached to parents and grand parents, stranger anxiety,Separation anxiety -leaving parents and going to live with grandmother for 2 years
  • Play Years

    Biosocial-Looking thin and slim.3 feet tall and 40 pounds, picky eater. Likes to drink milk, vegetables and rice and less meats . Writes and draws- right handed.Finger burned from touching fire. Lots of playing and running with brothers.
    Cognitive-Always wanted the tall glass filled up to the brim with milk even if not able to finishLearning mother tongue and English as a second language. In kindergarden language develops, Interaction among the friends develop.
    Psychosocial: Attached to mom
  • The school years

    Biosocial- Brush teeth.on own. Participates in gym.Grows tall skinny. Good health. Nice to other kids. Problem solving.Picked by 2 class mates since I was more passive. Had 2 good friends. send to tutor to improve grades. Cognitive:Had good memory but did not put more effort in tyo schooling, playful . learned two languages at a christian school.Psychosocial:Was bullied by 2 girls but had suppotive mom and friends.Tried to do right things and help clas mates. goes to church and sunday school.
  • Adolescence

    Biosocial; puberty at age 12. Eats healthy foods, Mom forces different oil ,vitamins andraw egg every morning tasted awful.Sleeps good and has clear skin. Not allowed to play with boys. Had to be home at 4 after school. Cognitive: focused on learning with after school help from tutors. grades improve. Read books and curious to understand science.Psychosocial: Accept custom from parents. religion important focusing on values.Went to girls catholic school. Cleanliness at school and self care.
  • Emerging Adulthood

    Biosocial; Appearnce good. Arranged Marriage and had First son in US. Moved from india after marriage.Thin appearance. Eats healthy foods . Reads all food labels.Cognitive: Graduated from college.finding suitable career. problem solving. marriage strenghtens . Accepting each other. attends church and faith in god.Psychosocial : Ethnic identity as an Indian feels like a minority.had good american godly friends. Lives with a supportive husband and friends.
  • Adulthood

    Biosocial:Had another child. Cooking and eating healthy food for the family.exercise twice a week. Play with children.
    Cognitive; Went back to school . got lpn license.
    Psychosocial; relationship with husband grows. caring for children. starts working part time and manage household responsibilites.Loves to spend time with family. Goes to church often and read scriptural books.
  • Death

    This is an estimation of when my death would be any way it is all god's timing when he thinks our race is over in this world.In-christianity we believe in eternal life after death and death is just a begining of our eternal life with god. I would like to be surrounded by my kids and my husband and trust that god will take me home with no pain or troubles. Taking care of my living will and trust set up is my next step.