Rachel's fabulous life!

By raerae1
  • I was born.

  • My sister Tessa was born

  • We moved to Sobieski.

  • Got my first pair of glasses.

  • Got my ears pierced.

  • Got pnemonia on my Birthday.

  • Went to Florida

  • Went to Florida

  • Met two Foreign exchange students

    Met two Foreign exchange students
    My Grandma had two foreign exchange students, one from Holland and one from Vietnam. The student from Holland’s name was Raymond, and he was very tall. The student from Vietnam’s name was Steve (his real name is Tu, but nobody here can pronounce it). They went to Oconto High School while they were here. Steve and Raymond felt like family after just one year and my family misses them both.
  • Went to the Wilderness Resort

  • My Best Friend got attacked by a St. Bernard

    I came to school one day and she wasn't there, and the next day she came to school with big stitched scars all over her head!
  • Went to Florida

    Went to Florida
    In 2007 I went to Florida. I went with my mom, my dad, my cousin Travis, Steve, Raymond, my Grandma, and my Grandpa. We went to Bush Gardens, and my dad, Travis, Raymond, and I went on Shikra, the largest roller coaster in the whole state of Florida! We also went to Universal Studios and we went on a HUGE ride called the Hulk. That was one of the best Florida trips I’ve ever gone on.
  • We got two hamsters, then they died.

    Got a hamster named it a Carl it died we got another and named it Carl the second/The new and improved Carl.
  • My mom got diagnosed with Cancer

  • We went to Florida

  • went to Mt.Olympus

  • Went to the Kalahari

  • I was in a Triathlon

    I was in a Triathlon
    At the beginning of this summer, I was in the Green Bay Triathlon. The race started in the water. I was numb because the water was so cold, but I got out in third place. After I got out of the water, I ran across the beach to get to my bike. Then I went on a two mile bike ride. After I got off of my bike, I ran for a half mile. While I was warming up in the car after the race, my parents heard my name called. The announcer said that I had gotten third place! I couldn’t believe it! In conc
  • Went to Mt. Olympus